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out of date tetras?

I know you are not supposed to take anything past its sell by date but I was just wondering if any of you have tried out of date tetras and if they were ok. You see I've failed so many times on this diet that I don't wnat to pay money for new ones until I know I'm on this properly.
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I have had one myself and it was fine, I know people say that you shouldn't because it looses nutritional value and can go rancid, I would just have a teeny taste and if it seems ok then go for it. I am still alive after having one lol
Thanks for that, I'll try and if I can stick to this then I'll buy more but just not wanting to waste money if I'm not going to stick to it.
Good luck to you to Cherry, we need it! x
Hi Broxi ... how are you.. yes I'm still around, let me know how you are..
:) give it a go!!!! girlie.. I'm doing much better this time around, have a great cd lady and I am sure that has helped as she really understands the slow losses i get with my meds.. it would be great to catch up :):):):)
Hi Sarah Lou, great to hear from you too. I will try to stick to this but realistically know that I've failed so many times before but 'one day at a time' I've finished day 2. What have your losses been? How are you keeping? And what's the weather like in beautiful Torquay! I'd love that! x
Thanks Shanny, you've done well x


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Hi Borxi, I'm back again too for the ???th time :). I am on day 20 and I have been 100% apart from some prawns I had a fortnight ago to take some medication with. I am sure you can do it, in fact the problem I have at the moment is that I can't even think about food, the thought makes me feel sick. Once you are in the frame of mind, you can stick with it, I know you can.
Well Broxi.. Torquay was in deed sunny today but judging by the map today it's not going to last !!

As usual my losses are slow BUT for some reason this week I lost three and a bit pounds (amazing for me) :D

Not sure if you have seen it but there is more to eat on the 810 than before, even abit of carbs, just a thought in case you need a bit of variation to stay on track x ;)

I'm behind you all the way ;) join me on the cd train.. I had the same thought as you.. take it day by day or hour by hour.. it took me a good few weeks to get back into it and I am sure the summer helps.. I can't face another winter without foooood.... :eek: Let me know how you go x

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