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Out of ketosis and not sure why!


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi folks - tested this am and the stix shows I'm no longer in ketosis. Other than having a bowl of salad yesterday instead of soup (working lunch and no access to kettle) I cannot think why. Does anyone else experience the same, and is there anything I can do? Dont want to stop losing as I've done pretty well the first 3 weeks. Thanks. Traceyx:confused:
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Needs to stop eating!!
I cant answer why you are not in ketosis but I can assure you that you will still loose weight if you follow the diet as you have been. Being out of ketosis and folllowing the diet doesnt mean that you wont loose weight. x


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Hi Tracey. Not sure why? Did you have anything on your salad? Like a dressign with any citrus in it? My CDC said that citrus is out as it can kick you out of ketosis. But I'm a novice - so no clue. Sorry. x


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oooh - really Yvonne? I thought if you were out of ketosis, the fat burning stops? That's good to know. Maybe I'll stop being so obessessed with peeing on the stick! LOL xx
Like Yvonne said it's not really just the ketosis that makes you lose weight. A lot of people get really hung up on ketosis and it can be a very nice thing, but the worry is that you'll come out of it, panic and maybe go off track.

CD is a very low calorie diet (VLCD) that puts your body into a mild state of ketosis. The low calorie helps you lose weight and the ketosis helps you to burn fat, but also has the pleasant side effect of reducing hunger usually.

So I wouldn't worry too much. Regarding dressings for salads you can only use what is in your little yellow book. In other words, not a lot. Herbs and spices are okay though :)
Additionally, things that are low fat are often high in carbs. In getting rid of the fat these companies have to make their products taste nice and often add carbs in the form of sugars to them.
This will bring you out of ketosis.
However, keep drinking the water and you'll soon be back on track.
Ive never even seen a stick thing or peed on one, why get obsessed with peeing on a stick..when you KNOW your losing weight anyway???

Dont mean to sound harsh but its obvious heartache for nothing ? :)
Hi tracey

I can remember having to test my urine each week when I attended Lighterlife. Sometimes I appeared to be out of ketosis but the counsellor stated that it could happen if (1) you have just drunk water/fluids and (2) eaten a soup/shake/bar/porridge - or I assume an authorised meal
I also noticed that I got a reading suggesting that I was very deeply in ketosis a couple of times - this occured a few hours before TOTM occuring.
So it would seem that there are all kinds of factors that influence these tests (just as I used to see as a nurse with gluocose and protein urinalysis checks)
Don't worry! x

I completely agree don't get so hung up over the Ketones, You could pee on a stix everytime and you will probably get at least one that is negative, especially if you drinking your water you will obviously pee more and the ketones will be more diluted, so may not show up on the stix.

I wouldn't both with the Ketostix, just stick with the scales.

Take care.


Enjoyin' my journey....
Thanks everyone - advice and support appreciated. Got hooked on thinking you had to be in ketosis for CD to work (hence the panic!). Glad to hear this is not the case. Thanks again. Tx


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Yeah, just to 2nd what the others have said. Ketosis doesn't cause the weight loss, less calories do :clap: Ketosis makes it more possible to follow the diet because of the blunted hunger.

As for the stix. I hate the ruddy things. They never showed pink for me...ever. And I was definitely in ketosis. It happens and one of the reasons that the new Atkins book and serious low carbers don't recommend them.

As for the salad. Yeah, need to watch any dressing, also watch the portion sizes as there is more carbs in the salady bit that the protein bit, if you know what I mean.

Have pmd you about the book. Do you know the portion sizes anyway?

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