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Out of Ketosis ? chewing gum


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I'm not a dieting cheat but wouldn't give myself a 10/10

I'm probably a 9.5 as I have been known to sneak a taste of cheese every now and again. That said, I've hardly lost anything this last couple of weeks and couldn't think why.

I've never checked whether I'm in ketosis for weeks as I always was strongly in ketosis. I checked this morning (before any shakes etc) and I'm not in ketosis.

The only thing I've done different is binged on chewing gum. I've had the odd piece here and there for a few weeks but recently have been feeling a bit hungry so thought I'd just have some water and a bit of chewing gum. It got worse, so much so, that I've been having a pack a day. there are 9 bits in Trident splash and 14 in Trident soft. I've eaten all of them, about 6 packs a week for the last couple of weeks. How mad is that?

I think they are addictive and make you hungry - i think I've been staving off hunger with the thing thats made me hungry in the first place.

What do the wise people on here think?
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Step away from the chips!
I cant comment on the effect of chewing gum on weightloss but i do know that chewing it makes me so hungry i could eat my own arm off. I've had the occasional piece of Wrigleys Extra over the past 2 weeks because of the constant manky taste in my mouth but I guess it would only be about half a pack in total.

Sorry, not much help am i? x
ahhh stop the gum.. its empty food.. will trick your tummy....

you not alone karen i not much help either am i?



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I can't comment on whether it affects weight loss but it def makes me hungry so I stick to Gold Spot mouthspray to fight off the ugly mouth odours:rolleyes:

Could you try a week without the chewing gum to see if it makes any difference to your losses? and whether you get back into ketosis?

Good luck - you trident addict:D


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And now an update...............

I stopped the chewing gum immediately on Monday morning.
I rechecked Tuesday - still not in ketosis.
Saw my CDC in the evening who said it was the chewing gum for sure.
Checked this morning and I am now in Ketosis. Yay me!

So, just thought I'd let everyone know, especially the new people.

I think maybe the odd bit of gum is ok but the carbs mount up.

Beware folks! And thanks for the replies.



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Hi Heffa

If I am right the "splash" chewing gums are the ones that are fruit flavoured with a sort of liquid in the middle and I think if you check the ingrediants they have citric acid in them which are a no go for SS.

I have just started SSing for the second time and during the first one I occasionally chewed plain old mint gum to help get rid of the terrible taste in my mouth (goldspot is a bit intense for me!!). I would not chew it for long though as it just made me hungry - but I never got kicked off ketosis - not that I was anywhere near a pack a day though:eek:

Good luck


Must do it this time
I Have To Say That I Go Through About 3 Packs Of Wrigleys Blue Extra A Day And It Hasnt Effected Me At All,and After Reading This I Got Paranoid About Ketosis And Just Checked It And Its A Lovely Deep Pink Colour(not Too Deep,not Dehydrated),
Elaine X


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I have to chew gum...cannot bare that carpeted tongue feeling...and it's not just any carpet...it's the kind of carpet you would find on a taxi office floor in a seedy part of town...yuk!


a bit different everyday
its deffo the fruit juice in them that knocked u out
mint wont knock u out so long as its sugar free, but its best avoided as it makes you hungry [or it does me anyway lol]
I think it may be the type of gum you are chewing. I use Airwaves sugar free and it definitely hasn't affected my ketosis or weight loss. Having said that I wouldn't have as much as a pack a day but I would have some every day.


Step away from the chips!
Glad you're sorted & back in Ketosis!
If you have one piece of airwave sugar free chewing gum will that knock you out of ketosis and will it effect my weight loss for the first week. I am currently on day 4


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With gum you just have to check the sugar content. Even sugar free ones contain carbs. But whether or not chewing it knocks you out of ketosis is dependant on your tolerance. I have zero tolerance so avoid chewing. My friend who's also doing cambridge chomps on the stuff constantly without coming out of ketosis or feeling hungry. Jammy.


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You can get sticks of amazon apparently....but lack of hunger pangs and dry mouth/bad breath are usually a good sign

Current loss: 12lbs and 7.5inches

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