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Out of ketosis...


Going for Goal!
:sick: Hello, only me...sat here with my box of tissues feeling ill and very peed off.

Yep, I'm out of ketosis no doubt. I started with a horrid cold on friday and have been feeling worse and worse (paracetamol tablets, useless)

Anyway, I went out this morning and kitted myself out with lemsips and decongestants, fully aware that i'd be out of ketosis and no doubt gain or sts this week. But now I've had it, i feel like poop. I feel no better and have jepodised my weight loss :whoopass: stupid.

I think I may have man flu :8855:
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babes...health is paramount

I know how peed off you feel though its poop being ill

get through this cold/man flu and then you can get straight back onto it

we want you well ! xxxxx big hug xxxxx
bit late to say this, but if you ask the chemist they usually have sugar-free versions of pretty much all medicines (they're manufactured for diabetics) behind the counter which should have little or no effect on ketosis.
Hope you're feeling better soon. x
I think I may have man flu :8855:
Emma Darling there is no way you have man flu you sound much worse i really think you may have "Bird Flu".

Don't worry too much just get yourself better and stick to your shakes and water too, i don't think it will take long for you to get back in to ketosis again as you are still not eating starchy and sugary foods therefore not making massive glycogen stores.

Hope you feel better soon hon, try some olbas oil on a tissue tucked in your pillow tonight that will help you breath better too.

Muchas Lovas



Silver Member
Better to be well than in ketosis. I saw a KD post the other day that suggested going up to 810 when people are ill, which I assume is to make sure you immune system is in full working order. Remember your health is more important than a pound or two.
I agree you just have to get well im afraid! rest and plenty of fluids (i know you will be an expert at that!) xx
Oh poor you. I hope you feel better soon. Don't worry about anything especially ketosis - just concentrate on making yourself better. And don't forget those fluids!!

Good tip about the sugar free medication - I'll remember that the next time i'm poorly.

Take care sweetie,
Ah emma sorry to hear you are feeling ill,as has been said lot's of times before just concentrate on getting well. You have done so well to not eat general comfort food.
Get well then concentrate on getting back into cd lovie x

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