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Out of ketosis

and i don't know why. Its the first time I have checked in ages as I am eating much the same diet. Anyways, yesterday I thought it might be a fluke, but three times again today I am in the beige :-( Purely psychological now, but I am thinking that I am not losing if not in ketosis, and that piddles me off and makes me want to eat a big cake!
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How much water are you drinking, that could cause a very pale stick?
Not enough Jim, rather than too much!
Don't know then love, other than checking what you've been eating in great detail.
I'm still out! Whatever I did manage to scoff (and the only thing I can think was one mouthful of lager to take a tablet when nothing else was available) then its taking its time to go!


Happy to be slim at last
Do you think are in ketosis, but it's there are just no keytones to show on the stick?
I don't know Sarah :-(


Happy to be slim at last
I often don't show pink, but I am sure I am in ketosis.


Happy to be slim at last
Generally by the taste in my mouth.
Oh right! I don't think I experience that!
Pale pink, back on I think!?
I still get that occasionally, a sort of metallic brittle taste Sarah?


Happy to be slim at last
Good news AnnaMaria! Back in the pink.

Yes Jim, metalically is a good way to describe it. I get it most first thing in the morning. They say that's the keytone in your breath.
Definitely back on :) plus I remembered something which was probably the culprit. I bought some of those cooked chicken wings that Asda do, and scoffed the lot, they had a kind of sweet sticky sauce round them. Thats all I can think, other than that, my diet is pretty much meat fish and greens with the odd peperami and sugar free jelly.

Hopefully there will be a whoosh this week then :) I am glad of that today as I have a houseful for a poker tourney, and really didn't want to feel fat and lumpy! Only trouble is, the food I am cooking for them, I can't even any of it! LOL


Happy to be slim at last
At least you now know what it was. I had some sugary things over easter and it took me a couple of days to get back in the pink.

Hope today went well and you managed to stay away from the food you were feeding your guests.
I bought some of those cooked chicken wings that Asda do, and scoffed the lot,
Ah Ha!! about 30 carbs per wing I think, The sauce is almost pure sugar AnnaMaria
Yes love, there are some good low carb nibbles out there, fridge raiders or something like that?

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