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Out of proportion! Where on your body are you losing weight from?

Hi guys,

Thought I would start a new thread for this one as can't find an existing one...

Where is everybody losing weight from? I'm having a bit of a problem in that my chest is looking bony, my arms are thin and my boobs have disappeared, but i am still carrying a fair bit of extra weight on my hips and thighs - it's making me look really out of proprtion!

I'm not complaining about my weight loss but has anyone got any tips for losing more off my bottom half than my top? I am exercising quite a lot, mainly cardio like cross-training, running and exercise bike... Is this helping or hindering? Any tips gratefully received!

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Mrs V

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My weight has come off my top half and taking time to come off the hip area. However, I work out at the gym to get them down...I do treadmill, bike and cross trainer and it does work!


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You need to do some resistance training on your bottom half if you want to change the shape of that area.

Squats and lunges I'm afraid!!


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Hi, maybe you need to start doing some weight training on your upper half to try and even yourself out. It sounds like with the excercise your doing your only building muscles in your legs which maybe why they are looking out of proportion to your arms/chest. If you go to a gym have a word with one of the intructors who will be able to work a routine out for you.
Thanks guys - unfortunately, despite me paying a fortune for a gym in central london, if you want advice from one of the trainers, you have to pay for personal training sessions! Such is life in Soho, you get nothing for nothing!

I thought the squats and lunges might be the case, but i've been wary of them as I have it in my head that they must build bigger leg muscles... I have the EA Sports Active game for the Wii which is ridiculously heavy on the lunges, hurts like hell. No pain, no gain i suppose!

I was hoping that as i lost more and more weight, it would eventually come off my legs, but it doesn't appear to be happening that way... Will try the resistance training for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference!


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The thing with resistance training is that it builds stronger muscles. Stronger muscles tend to be bigger muscles - BUT! As you burn fat from the area, the area will begin to become smaller as muscle is a more compact tissue.

Women do not have the levels of testosterone needed to build large muscles. Look at Madonna (I mean ew, but still). She is very muscular with VERY LOW body fat, but she's not big by any means. Unless you train like an idiot you'll never look like her (and neither should you WANT to!), but resistance training is the best way to change the shape of an area of the body.


I also seem to be losing on top and not so much on the bottom and use all the usual cardio stuff at the gym.

I was reading the other day about this and it says while resistance training is good and beneficial you will only see the results of the toning of the muscle once the fat has been removed from the area, which makes sense :rolleyes:

So it looks like long term a combination of both is what we have to keep doing until things change.

Think I am going to take my measurements and see what happens and if anything is actually shrinking.


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Hernia???? You should get that fixed!!


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hi there - I am extremely pear shaped by nature but since I have discovered Body pump my body has really balanced itself out! I would totally recommend it - twice a week if possible - and really push your self on your squats and lunges! Becareful on your first class though - despite weight training for years i could hardly walk the next day!
At the moment I seem to be losing weight from the area under my bust and between my stomach although I've only lost 10lbs so far so am in the early stages :)
I've lost it from my bum! At least thats what hubby says! I've lost some from my waist, but my knickers definitely go on easier, and some are a little loose!
My wrists:eek:
No kidding, thats the first place i noticed and my wrists were by no means big...

I can see it a little off my waist and i am losing my saddle bags on my thighs...

Other than that i cant see where its gone tho people on work are now saying they can see it....


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My back, my waist, my hips. Still got thighs that could kill and wish my arms would get smaller but until gyms are a fiver a month it's not gonna happen!


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I've always been smaller on the top than the bottom but I still lose weight from the top which makes me look even more out of proportion - sheeeesh if only we could dictate where we lose it from!!


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I gain and lose weight evenly from everywhere! My proportions remain the same regardless of my size, which I'm very grateful for!
Lucky you!!
I'm a real hourglass - first place to go is the waist, which is already tiny in comparison to my bust and ass. Makes me look like a (bad) blow-up doll!!!
Lost two stone with slimming world - two inches came off my back and I went UP a cup size. I couldn't speak for about two days....
I always lose off my face first, which is really annoying - my head small in comparison to my body anyway so it makes me look even more like a pinhead while the rest of my body catches up!! And my boobs, it comes of my boobs next. Which is a good thing, I suppose.

Legs, upper arms and belly are always the last to go for me, even with specific and general cardio exercise! Grrr.


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Lucky you!!
I'm a real hourglass - first place to go is the waist, which is already tiny in comparison to my bust and ass. Makes me look like a (bad) blow-up doll!!!
Lost two stone with slimming world - two inches came off my back and I went UP a cup size. I couldn't speak for about two days....
C&C, you sound very much like me (including the curls!!) I have lost 3 1/2 stone and have gone from a 36 to a 34 back and UP from a HH to a J cup!! Now size 14-16, a lot has come off my waist but where I really really want it to come off is my tummy, hips, thighs, bingo wings, bum!! Isn't it funny how we're all different!! I was shocked about the boob thing, but I have heard that this is quite common, we lose fat from around the area (mine do LOOK smaller and less bulky!!) and our bazukas need more scaffolding/support because they're kind of 'hanging out' on their own!!X
When I was young and skinny, before I put on the weight, I always thought of myself as pear-shaped; tiny waist and top half, big arse, hips and thighs. What's weird though is that now, in middle age and with the weight off again, I seem to be much more in proportion? My top and bottom halves are balanced. It's so weird, I thought your shape was your shape and that's it!

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