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Out of the obese category :-)

Hi Everyone,

I'm so delighted and proud of myself today. I got out of the 'obese' category on the BMI! I'm now 'overweight' yippee!! Not long now until I hit BMI 25!
I just want to say to anyone who is struggling on this that I have always been fat and never ever thought I'd get the weight down. I have persevered with this diet and have taken the control...if I can do this anyone else can. You just need to really want to lose it!
Good luck everyone :D:D:D
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Well done hun! It just proves it's all worth it - fantastic job! Keep up the good work x


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What a lovely and inspiring post!! well done you!! you must be so delighted... huge milestone!
Thanks you guys!
I'm very proud and happy and keep looking at a pic of my wedding dress and imagining how I'll look when I reach goal and can sashay down that aisle in a slinky number! :)
Well done. 10 weeks wow your an inspiration!
youl look fab on your wedding day and you will have photos to last a lifetime :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done,you are well on your way to goal. You will look gorgeous for the wedding.
Thanks Lads I'm thrilled so glad I found out about the diet and this forum and all of you on here are real LIFE SAVERS, thanks for your friendship and support because it really does keep u going!
help im new on here and have been on the LT for a week. got weighed yesterday and lost 10lb (really pleased). but then last nite i ate a meal as i was soooo hungry. gone straight back on LT today but i need help to keep on the straight and narrow..
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Hi Sharon,

Congrats on the 10 lbs weight loss! Thats excellent. You have fallen off the wagon but you are definitely back on it anyway...just don't eat again and stick to the shakes. I was hungry a lot the first 2 weeks and my best advice would be, go to bed early, get a magazine or book to distract yourself and have a lovely bath. It totally gets easier...drink water too, still or sparkling. Enjoy the feeling of clothes getting looser and going down dress sizes...keep going hun and don't get down about eating last night just put it behind you and keep going with LT!


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congrats mrsd2b on getting into the obese category! you have earned the right after 10 weeks on LT. you are nearing your goal everyday :) good work hun xx


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well done:)
thanks mrsd2b for your encouraging words. i feel more positive today, especially after seeing your weight loss to date, you have done so well. my sister did the cambridge diet a while ago and she reckons that on th LT we can drink perfectly clears apple still water as it has malic acid in it instead of citric acid...... is this true or would it put my journey in jepordy????


wk1: -10lb:D



Here we go again!
Well done mrsd2b, that's a great achievement! Good for you, you deserve it for all your hard work.
Congratulations! You are so close from reaching your goal!
I' out of super obese, next goal is to be Overweight!!
Hi Sharon,

I have not heard anythig about drinking clear apple juice and to be exact you would need to ask your pharmacist but to be honest in my opinion don't drink it. If not only because you are doig a 100% tfr and thats what the diet is, no extras...its a tough diet but it has amazing results. Honestly hun I wouldn't touch it, it'll only give u a taste for other things too, a large part of a tfr is to cleanse your palate and have your taste buds refreshed. It would also add extra calories you do not need. Apple juice is a simple sugar too so high in carbs. Don't do it is my advice.
Good luck xxx
Very well done lass, that is really great. Make sure you post piccies of you in your gorgeous size 10 wedding dress. How exciting for you, you will amaze everyone as you walk down the ailse. All the very best to you. x
Aww thanks ArntyJax! I can't wait now just over 4 months to the big day and I'm SOOO excited, its a great motivator too to get the weight off (and keep it off)
Good luck hun xxx


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Just read you signature ArntyJax, I am 40 next year, so I am hoping to sort my weight out this year. So I can enjoy being 40 and fabulous :) xx

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