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Out on my broomstick and flying light as a feather


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Hey MiniMins, I'm Lisa, 32 and living in Stockport with my beautiful cat and I'm really pleased to have discovered MiniMins late yesterday on my iphone.

I've got a lot of weight to lose and have been burying my head in the sand for some time. I spent last year weighing on my friend's wii each week and to be honest I wasn't motivated and I've started this year at my heaviest weight to date. I think sometimes, I get put off by the bigger picture and this disheartens me. I also think I'm possibly prone to an eating disorder at certain times in my life, which takes a hell of a lot of willpower to steer myself away from.

Only yesterday evening, I was shopping in preparation for my new healthy eating regime in tesco, when some horrible man walked past me and said, "Hey Love, you need a new bra, your tits are falling out of that one". I was so embarrassed. I wasn't even showing any cleavage at all! I was wearing a long sleeved top under a cross over top that was gaping slightly. Urrrgggghhh, anyway his lack of manners led me to the fresh cream fridge, where I pondered buying a large cream filled chocoloate muffin that would serve ten. I didn't buy it thankfully, I settled for some chocolate instead.

I've not always had a weight issue. I was a healthy weight for my height when growing up and was slim in my teens. The weight didn't start piling on until I was about 19 and from then until now, I've yo-yo-ed up and down in weight. Carried extra weight for a while and then got it all off again, only to put it all back on again and more.

I've followed numerous plans, Slimming World has always been a success for me when my head has been in the right place. Weight watchers, I've tried when friends have been doing it without success as I've always preferred SW. I've been a herbalife distributor and watched people really slim down around me but not me. I've tried eating just protein and vegetables and for years found myself scared of eating carbohydrates and would do so only in small amounts. I've done Cambridge and lost 12lbs in a week but was so miserable I couldn't continue with this. I've never been able to completely get my head around the F-plan, GI diet, Atkins or Gillian McKeith. I've tried the curves plan and liked that this diet had you eat a high intake of calories right before the weight was to plummet off again.

This time, I am going to revisit Slimming World. I've dug out my directory and food optimising book and I will follow some of my old recipe books for SW too. I'm going to do it this time and I will stick to it, even if I come off my path once in a while. I'm looking forward to getting my support through this site and not at a class.

I have been seeing a guy on and off for about a year. I really like him but we're not exclusive as according to him. Only this week, he told me that we were quite compatible and then he pointed at me and said is this you naturally then. The long and short of it was I felt he was telling me, I was not relationship material as long as I was fat. He even got a photo of me down off the wall in my kitchen to tell me that if I still looked like me when I was slim he'd be quite obsessed with me. Thanks for making me feel beautiful eh!

My dad always said that you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you, maybe there was some truth in this.

Anyway, my plan is to drink 2litres of water everyday. I will try to cut down on diet cokes as I've heard they can make you gain weight over the course of a year. I have already quit smoking three weeks ago and this will act as a new focus for me. I want to get into running again so will keep you posted of when I pick up the motivation to do so. But my main focus is to get back on track with SW and to start my weight loss journey leading to a life long slimmer and healthier me.

Looking forward to meeting some like minded individuals along the way.

Lisa xxx
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Thanks Irene, I just need to keep going with this now and make it a life long thing. They say after a while of doing something it can become natural so fingers crossed. Lisa x


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you can achieve your goal

that sounded so embarrasing in the shop but some people can be so horrible.. Just forget wat he said and concentrate on your goal.

im starting my diet again on monday as trying for baby and had tests and that told need to lose weight so that is my incentive now. always here for support for u hunni :D


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Ahh thank you hun I appreciate that and good luck with the new start on Monday. Are you prepared for it, food cupboards stocked up and planned your meals etc? I'm quite broody and want to lose weight also to be able to try for a baby in the near future. How much weight have you been told you need to lose? Lis x


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Let the magic of Exante begin!

Hi everyone :sign0144:

Ordered my first pack of Exante last night and I'm waiting for it to arrive with anticipation :p

About me - I'm 33 and live with my boyfriend of over a year (my childhood sweetheart) and my beautiful cat Lexi :kitty:

I'm not new to MiniMins but have always followed Slimming World previously. However, in the last couple of years I've really struggled to lose weight the conventional way and have recently been diagnosed with PCOS.

What I'm looking forward to - not having to cover up in summer :hide: - not having a panic attack when someone tags me in a photo - having body shots of myself and not just head shots - wearing knee high boots - fashion - reducing PCOS symptoms - increasing fertility - more confidence in own skin - a fitter and healthier me with bags of energy.

It will be fab to get to know some of you along my Exante weight loss journey. I have loads of questions. Like does any one know how the food break week works? :eatdrink051:

Lisa-Ann xx


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Hi Lisa and well done for taking the plunge.. the first week of this diet is hard but once ya get through it and seee the scales have moved in the right direction then it gets easier.

The AAMW is a thing of choice. As the diet isnt done along side a counsellor they suggest the add a meal week to basicly cover their own ars£s so to speak.. There are many people including myself that fell of the wagon when i did AAMW..

So i would defo say to think hard about whether or not you want to do it.. Mind you its done on the 5th week of the diet so you have plenty of time to work out if you want to do it or not...

Ive restarted today TS as i have a holiday in exactly 5 weeks and i desperately want to lose another 21lb by then..

The really sound bit of advice i can offer you when doing this diet is.. if you do have a bad day and slip up then just dust yourself off and get straight back on it.. The longer you leave it the harder it is..

If you are really really struggling and need to eat something then make sure you have a tin of tuna in the firdge (if ya eat it lol) or some lean ham or chicken.. Itsmuch better to have a little nibble on a bit of pure protein than a piece of bread etc.. protein is Ketosis friendly and wont ruin your diet.. Im not saying for one minute to eat willy nilly but if you really feel like your gonna break the diet then protein is the life saver for many peeps..

Good luck with getting started and i hope to read of your weight losses in the coming weeks xx


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Good luck and you will get super support here x


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Hello :) I know exactly what you mean about the fear of being tagged in a pic!! I've even got my fb settings so friends can't see tagged pics. I can't wait to buy a pair of wellies!

I'm on day 3. So far so good. I'm in this for the long haul. I previously done sw but found after a while my losses had slowed dramatically hence why I'm here. I cannot wait for summer. I'm gonna buy dresses, stroppy sandals, vest tops the lot lol. Good luck. Look forward to seeing your success xxxx


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Thanks Valentine and really lovely to meet you. I had confirmation that my pack will be with me on Monday morning - can't wait to get started. Also, just noticed how much weight you've lost and now I'm inspired :)

I think I will stay on the side of caution when it comes to the AAMW too. It could be my downfall if I include this. Have you had any side affects on Exante like loss of hair?

Anyway, good luck with restarting TS yesterday. How's it going so far? and thank you so much for the advice too it's much appreciated. I'll keep those tins of tuna in mind for emergency use :)

hope to speak soon Lisa x


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Hi Sarah, it's lovely to meet you and how's your week going so far?

I'm glad I'm not the only one that is scared of the camera and friends tagging pictures. Fingers and toes crossed that this will be a thing of the past for us both soon.

I'd love some wellies that fit round my calves too! I saw a photo on facebook recently of an anonymous girl that was wearing wellies that were too small for her calves and she'd split them down the back. Anyway some horrible person had taken a photo and posted it on facebook for others to take the mick out of :(

Yeah some nice new summer clothes :) I'd love some white linen trousers with a little vest top. It will be so nice to feel cool on a summers day and not be pretending that I'm not hot enough to take the cardigan off yet lol

Hope to speak soon Lisa xx


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Hi, can totally relate to keeping your Cardi on even when it's roasting insisting you're not too hot when really you feel like you're going to combust!

Saw a girl today about a size 12/14 wearing a floaty summer dress and instead of feeling jealous and envious it made me smile cos I just thought 'that'll be me soon'

Going well so far. TOTM arrived today do I think that may affect my loss for my first week. I'm 100% TS ON DAY 4. Enjoying it so far. It's my first time on exante. Trying to cram in excersise too xxx


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Whoop my Exante bumper pack arrived today so I can start my journey first thing tomorrow morning :)

I also ordered the drink mixes and two sachets of porridge so I can try them. Fingers and toes crossed I love them all and can continue easily with this journey.

I've just done a video diary on my phone too so I can chart my progress visually.

Lisa-Ann xxx


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Brilliant, good luck. First few days are the worst. Just keep yourself busy to take your mind off the hunger :)


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Video diary is a brilliant idea! Good luck tomorrow :) I'm sure you'll love it. I had hunger pangs at first, kind of enjoyed them haha, never really been used to them!

I'll keep checking to see how you're doing xxxxx


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I've finally started :)

I had a banana shake for breakfast. I waited until I was starting to feel hungry before I made it. I measured the water out in a jug and was hoping to use my coffee frothier to whisk it but it wouldn't work I think the batteries had leaked :( Anyway, banana shake was okay and so was the black coffee i washed it down with (is it okay to use sweetners in my coffee?)


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whoop, boyfriend just came home with some coke zero for me and a litre of water must start drinking that water. i'm meant to be revising today as I've got an exam on thursday, revision so far not going well :(


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Hi Lisa-Ann I am glad you have some fizz to help you - I had some diet Dr Pepper yesterday and the bubbles helped - I also love sparkling water for the same reason :)

I haven't told anyone on the forums yet as I am nervous but I am looking forward to all the clothes - namely my wedding dress eeek! I am getting married in May - I wish I had discovered Exante and this forum before last week as I could have started earlier I have been doing WW for a while and the losses have been SOOOOOOO slow :(

Good luck with the revision, we can do this!


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Hey Faloola - you're gonna look fab in your wedding dress :)

I'm struggling this evening, just put syndicate on TV in the background and I'm mooching around on here. I went out to meet a friend this evening and that was hard, watching him scoff a barm, sausage roll and chocolate. I bought a bottle of water and a black coffee, does no where sell coke zero :( Anyway, I came home and had mushroom soup - it smells nice but it's nothing like campbells lol. I really do need to buy a hand blender or something I can't cope with all the lumps of powder Lisa-Ann xx