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Over 1 yr on after losing weight

Hello to you all new and old.

This place has not changed much since I last visited same old problems just different faces.

I was on here some time ago and between lipo and gym lost over ten stones.

Ashamed to admit that i did not keep it off, was fiendishly difficult and the thing with lipo is it does not reeducate your eating habit, it just calls a halt to them for a set period. others are different but i found it difficult to maintain the loss.

I have now resolved my issues in a different way before it gets out of hand again, when my bmi went up to 35 i had a gastric band fitted, mainly because i accepted i am a food addict and there is no way im going up to bmi 48 again!!.

Hope your all well, good luck on your journey and i hope it works better for you than it did me. x
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Hi, good luck with your band... i think you are right in many ways, lipotrim or any tfr diet does allow for a removal from the problem, but for so many after the tfr is finished and real eating starts, even with the guidlines lipotrim give, the same happens again and again.. this can be seen by the many restart posts on the forum, and also with my own experience... In some ways food addiction can be harder to kick than heroin.... cold turkey, back in the real world and boom, back again, but heroin isnt available in every shop, on every advert on the television, heroin is not essential to live day to day... a very few go on to be successful for life, others are destined to keep fighting the addictions over and over again... I am glad you have found a long term soloution... I am looking for a short term soloution.. which is niave but sure I will give it a go.... thanks for posting as sometimes the posts here are all so very positive, best diet ever omg the results, but it is a hard slog for anyone to find out the root causes of why we overeat or are addicted to food and how to fight this addiction.. good luck with your continued battle with overeating and take care


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Hey good luck with the band... If you look in the maintenance section you will find many people who have managed to keep the weight off successfully.

There are many types of restarters. Those that have lost all their weight but havent managed to stick with healthy eating after and have found they have regained their loss. There are those who have lost their desired amount of pounds, have successfully refed and are maintaining but accept that they will regain from time to time and need a bit of extra help now and then. Some are doing lipotrim (through consious choice or otherwise) 'again' because they came off the plan before they reached goal but are still interested in reaching goal. There are others too who struggle to actually 'get on' the plan; they may manage a few days and fall off and try again.

For me I am a 're-starter' in 2 catagories. I came 'off plan' in September, my own choice, forced by lifestyle changes. I maintained within 5lb of my 'final weight' but knew I would try again to get to final goal. I started again after Christmas but struggled for many reasons. I am now on day 3 but wont consider myself trully 'restarted' till I get thru my 1st week!

IMHO if you follow the refeed and maintenance properly then you should do ok, its basic science!! Like any diet if you come off and go back to your old habits you will regain your weight!
First of all, well done loosing the amount of weight you actually did when you started the tfr. Even if you did start eating again, it's still an achievement.

I really hope the band works out for you, and wish you all the best :) x
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Hey Cankster.

Good to see you after all this time! Thanks for coming online and sharing your story. I really admire you for doing so especially as some of the more smug forumers may regard your story as somewhat of a failure. I have shared a similar experience as I have regained virtually all the weight when we were both on LT two years ago. I have opted not to go for surgery but to revisit LT. However, I know how hard it is to keep the weight off and so I'm adopting a different strategy this time that combines a few weeks on LT followed by a few weeks of dieting and so so forth.... It may or may not work but one thing I know is that TFR didn't work for me in the long run and I have to change my methodolgy this time. I don't deny it works for some, and goodluck to them, but for us serious food addicts it is a near impossibility I would argue. As you rightly say it is for many a short time solution to long term issues that don't go away!

Good luck to you and thanks again for sharing your story!

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