Over Half Weigh(Lol) There!!!!


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I'm over the half way mark in 1 weeks!!
My Ticker rounds everything up below but I have lost 50.25lbs and need to lose 49.75lbs. It is such an ubelivable relief to not to have to lose more than I already have, I feel I am at the top of the hill and it is just the trek down I need to do :D :D :D :D
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Back again!
Wayhayyyyyy - FANTASTIC, well done. What an amazing achievement, you must be very proud of yourself. And as you say, it's all downhill now.

Keep up the good work


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Back again!
I don't know how to/if you can edit posts, but mine should be that I have lost the weight so far in 11 weeks, not 1!!!!!

LOL when I first read your post I nearly fell off my chair, I thought you'd lost it in 1 week, but knew that couldn't be right. Worked it out from your avatar.:)


Gone fishing
That's fab :) 11 weeks is nothing really is it.

Guess you're going to have to change your username ;)


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Fantastic acheivment, well done x