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Over Night gain!!

Ok girls, I know I shouldn't weigh myself every day but alas I do. Weighed myself this morning and since yesterday the scales say i've put on 2 pounds!! absolutely and totally impossible! Yesterday I went to a children's party, had two diet cokes and half a chocolate finger other than that, had what i was supposed to on the diet. Breakfast was my allbran, apple and banana for lunch (as I was at the party and had to have something on the move) and dinner was a Batechlors pasta n sauce (cheese and broccoli - no sins) and 4 quorn grilled sausages (odd combo I know!) and then a bowl of strawberries, rasberries and a muller lite, and an options vanilla hot chocolate sachet (2 syns) all of which is on the diet - so how can I have put on?? anyone got any suggestions? I'm just finding the weight loss so slow this time round - seem to be losing a pound a week !! Anyone got any ideas??
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I do exactly the same I weigh myself whenever I can even though I know I am not suppose to. It may say you have put on 2Lbs over night but that could also be fluid. Is it nearly the time of the month or maybe you didnt drink enough as drinking loads of water flushes out any extra water you may be holding.

I had my own scales and I chucked them as I would weigh myself when ever I went in the bathroom. I just go to the scales in my local shopping centre once or twice a week it does cost 50p each time but it stops me weighing myself every day because it costs money now.

And a pound a week is great if you look at that over a year and you know how fast a year goes that is a 4 Stone loss.


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i second the water thing like sonban said, you were on a green day the day before and green days are bad for holding onto water.

try to drink at least 2.5ltrs a day if doing green and dont lose heart - the weight will come off :)
Hiya, get this..... got on the scales (as I do) this morning and weighted myself - the two pounds were still there. Kicked the scales and jumped on again (they are digital and bang on(in the pas) with Slimming world ones) and the two pounds went!!?!! Maybe I need to get new scales???


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Give 'em another good kicking and see if you can drop a stone. If you do please forward them to me!!!

Keep away from those scales!! Theyre the tools of the devil.

Unless youre on CD or something weighing yourself daily or several times a week really isnt a good idea. Stick to a once a week weigh in.

Ive left my scales at my parents house, because if I have them here Im obsessive. I weigh myself once a week, at the same time of day (roughly) with the scales on the same spot lol Any time Ive weighed myself midweek Ive been really disheartened to see the supposed gain Ive had, but when it comes to weigh day, its all gone and then some.

For your sanity, if youre on SW or similar - GET RID OF THE SCALES ;)


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S: 12st2lb C: 12st1lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st1lb(0.59%)
yep i agree but its sooo bloody hard not to do it cos its addictive :rolleyes: im going to try not weigh myself during the week anymore as it dictates my mood for the day - usually a bad one if i do!!!


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I read this elsewhere and thought it might help here

Since one pound of fat = 3,500 calories, the only way to put on 2 pounds of "real" weight in one day is to eat over 7,000 calories in a day.....which Im guessing you didnt do ;)

Keep drinking water to banish the water weight, and keep counting calories to banish the "real" weight, and youll be fine.

Thanks for the info - that's a very good point. I didn't eat 7,000 odd extra calories - i'LL remember that, next time it happens - I don't seem to be the only one that has this problem either!!! It's my own fault though - I'm an obsessive weigher!!

Vodka999 is absoultely spot on .... 3500 kcals = 1lb of fat. It's just water hun, get glugging the lush H2O and it'll be gone in no time. AND PUT THE SCALES AWAY!!!! LOL!!

No point doing a mid-week weigh in at home - go by your group scales and nothing else! That way you only have to worry about it once a week.

Keep it up - and BTW 1lb per week is fine. Slow and steady does it! You're only gonna get massive losses each week if you are doing CD or similar. But that means no food :(


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