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Overcompensating by shopping???????

I love fashion...no I mean it I LOVE fashion.

I used to be a size 8 to 10 and I had an amazing wardrobe which was coveted by all my friends and the first place anyone went to borrow things!!

I had a major car accident when I was 18...on the day of the crash I weighed 8 stone and less than two years later my weight had doubled........my confidence plummeted.

I trained a couple of times a day ate healthily and was happy and confident but that all changed I didn't recognise myself and became so depressed....

I was diagnosed with post traumatic shock....wait for it....8 years after the event this was caused by a memory of me believing my 18month old sister and mother were dead (both survived and are now thankfully happy and healthy) on top of this I had alot of injuries dislocated hip,whip lash, fractured cheek bone, broken ribs and I also developed blood clots in my legs where they had been trapped. The injuries put paid to my training and I had so many tablets to take I rattled and developed stomach problems.....I had to take food with each one and developed a habit of snacking....which as the weight went on became a cycle of bingeing,purging, laxatives, slimming pills etc etc....

Glad to say i have finally had the counselling I needed and this diet has given me the time "off food" to break the habits I had developed...(fingers crossed)

I am tired of not recognising the person in the mirror and living a life that doesn't feel mine......2stone 3lbs down now and feeling good.....along "weigh" to go but I am on my way!!

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Oops got carried away and forgot the whole point of my thread was to say that I don't spend so much money on my clothes at the mo but will happily spend hundreds of pounds on designer handbags and shoes.....never to fat for those are you!!!!
Looking forward to adjusting my spending to beautiful clothes and not just whats fits



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Hi Lucie think i remember reading this on the pink site, am sure of it.

Like u i too will prob be bankrupt once at goal. Congrats on the 2st 3lbs down and good luck with the rest of u journey.


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Hi Lucie - great to see you here - I also buy bags but unlike you have never been small enough for the gorgeous fashions and have just coveted them through my friends and from afar. but I can't wait to go buy, it's going to be such fun!!

well done on doing so well to date, keep it up
Hi there,
I have only been on CD for 6 days so far, but I have spent a fortune on magazines. Think this is my new obsession.
Every day on the way home from work instead of stopping at the shop and buying crisps or sweets i have been buying a magazine.


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I'm a bag buyer too - never used to be but then a friend showed me the beauty in them and that was it I was off. I've not been buying clothes much, am buying a pair of jeans and a pair of black pants for work per size but have bought loads of creams and potions which I am using and mentally they're working on me and yes I now buy more magazines than I did do before.



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I love shoes :p handbags, shoes, handbags, but my daughter loves shoes more lol, and i am going to love shopping for summer clothes, just 14lbs before i start buying, well maybe 21lbs, oooo i cant wait :D
LOl I buy alot of magazines I keep planning my new summer wardrobe and I swear its making me stick to it all the more and hit the gym......Scared of losing the weight but not being toned...also freaking out at the thought of saggy skin and am slathering on bio oil morning noon and night!!!

I have promised myself I am not going to buy a new handbag until I reach target so instead of having them instead of fabulous clothes I will have them to compliment fabulous clothes!!!

Good look to all you budding fashionistas out there!!!!!!

Planning an outfit for the races in September...I should have reached my goal easily by then...trying to rope my best friend to having a day shopping overseas to get our outfits.....paris/milan brace yourselves I'm on my way!!!


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well been out all say today shopping for my jollies got a lovely beach bag from primark 2 pairs of flip flops and high heeled sandal type shoes a new hairdryer and 2 nail varnishes not gonna get my clothes yet still 5 weeks to go
See now nail varnish is another thing - I don't think I'd ever bought one till I started this diet but I've now bought about 4. Along with all the creams I'm using I've also took better care of my nail and now have gorgeous talons (and they look the part cos they're deep red today) and for the first time in my life the last couple of weeks I've been painting my toe nails - have never done that before.

It's like there's a whole new me!

lol...I can reach my toe nails now without squishing my stomach and feeling like I am going to explode....I didn't really think about but I have done the same buying 5 or 6 in one go.....Found a store that has maybelline ones for £2 each!!!
Paint my nails to stop me raiding the fridge each night!!!!

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