Hi, I have been a member for about a month but i don't know how to get about this forum.it overwhelms me so i am hoping that anyone who reads this would help me.I usually click on new posts and try and input but i don't want it to seem like i'm invading.

let me introduce myself,my name is yoyo and i am finally doing something about my weight.I went on a diet(something that i made up)in July and i have slowly gotten my weight down.Its been slow and very hard.so i thought i'd speed things up with CD.

I just started today after the last supper and i feel weak and tired but i hope it'll pass.
I look forward to knowing you all.:)
Welcome to Minimins and well done on your weight loss so far! This is a great forum, there's no right or wrong way to post, just leave a message whenever you want to. Everyone is very friendly and supportive.
You've made the right decision starting cd, the first few days are the hardest, I've got to start tomorrow after a 4 day break and am not looking forward to the pre-ketosis part, but it's usually over in 2 or 3 days, just keep drinking plenty of water as this seems to speed things up.
Good luck with your cd weight loss and let us know how you get on!
thanks for the prompt reply.This site is truly amazing and i'm happy i found it.I think i'll start a diary tomorrow so i can monitor my progress.I hope restarting is not going to be hard for you.:)
Hi YoYo,

Welcome to the site, its brilliant, so you'll be made to feel very welcome no matter where you post.

Cheers Caz
Hi Yoyo, well done on your weight loss so far, you have done brilliantly.

You wont invade at all, we are all here due to a weight loss journey in any size shape or form and are all here for support and friendship.

If you get get lost try the newcomers bit, there will be a thread on how to use the forum, I will try and post a link on here for you.

Any advice you need please ask, the weakness will pass, please try to drink plenty of water, 4 ltrs a day if you can, this combats and helps any dodgy feelings, The diary bit is a great think to have a lurk in, it shows many peoples journeys and how they get on. Please feel free to post where ever you wish, you are more than welcome.

Welcome to mini's x
Thank you so much for your kind response.I am reading as much as i can:D The photo gallery is amazing and i am convinced there is some picture trick there.Those can't be the same people.:eek: They should advertise for LL,CD and all other VLCD.
Hi Yoyo and welcome to MiniMins from me too :)

As others have said, there's no protocol here - everyone is here to help everyone else on their weightloss journeys, regardless of which diet they're following so just hop on in whenever you feel like it.

As someone who spent the past year reaching my goal weight and who is fortunate enough to appear in the Gallery, I can assure you that the photos are all genuine. Like everyone else on there, I would like to think they serve as an inspiration to anyone who is just starting their own journey to 'slimsville' - just as they were to me when I began mine :)
Welcome, I think everything has been said. i've been on CD for 2 weeks and i feel all the better for it. Well done, i'll pop in from time to time to see how you are getting on.
Thanks guys i am off to bug the pants of you people now.Thank you for making me feel welcome and well done on yor fantastic weight lossess.:)
Hiya YoYo
Welcome to mini's :D

How did day one go for you - just keep at it and you'll soon be in ketosis, it'll be much easier then :)

Had to laugh when you said you'd been on a diet that 'you made up yourself' I've done a few of them!:D

All the best with your cd journey:p
Hi Yoyo

Welcome to the site. You have done brilliantly to date with your weight loss. I second the advice you have been given about water, drink, drink, drink. It's the secret key to success.
Post away and keep us all informed on how you are doing.

Jazzy x
Hope you do start a diary thread, you have been kind enough to post on mine and I would love to see how you get on too ! Take a tip from me, I was nearly at the end of foundation on LL before I started a diary thread and I wish I had done it sooner.

Hope all is going ok for you !
Hi Yoyo

Welcome to the site, everyone here is very friendly and if you see a thread that interests you, then post away. Nobody minds, it doesn't matter how long you've been a member, we've all got something to give, so please join in as much as you like.

All the best with your CD journey, looking forward to seeing you disappear in front of our very eyes:)