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OW! I hate being a girl :(


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Period pain is not cool :(

I've spent the last few days feeling like I've been kicked repeatedly in the stomach and to top it off I think I'm going to have a gain this week :(

I feel so bloated and no amount of water/herbal tea seems to shift it :(

Any thoughts (other than me curling up to die with a hot water bottle)?
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Yummy Mummy! xx
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I was the same last week and had a half pound gain at weigh in but I know it wasnt fat gain but water.

They always say that gentle exercise can ease it even thought its probably the last thing you feel like doing at the moment!

I would definalty go for - a warm bath, a good book or the television with a hot water bottle and a duvet *sighs with jelousy* lol!

Take care xx


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I second the warm bath!! It really helps! A friend of mine use to put muscle rub where the pain was (deep heat, etc)

I can use it though as im allergic so i cant say if it works or not



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Oh, you poor thing. I'd recommend two paracetamol, a warm bath and a tummy rub.
I've just started to get my periods back after coming off the contraceptive injection and I had bad period pain yesterday. It was weird, I kinda missed it.


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I really feel for you as the last couple of months I've had bad pain.

My dearest dearest OH (can't you tell he's in the good books!) fussed over me with a hot water bottle last time and also made sure I took Nurofen x


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Thanks ladies *hugs*

I'm on the contraceptive implant but am also taking a particular type of pill to try and regulate the periods I was having with the implant (never knowing one day of the month to the next whether I was going to need "protection").

I'm still thinking I should just get the doctor to take the implant out and just go on the pill. But if the "double dose" method works then I'll only be on it for another 2 months.
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I completely understand how you feel!!!
I have the implant and have had it in for almost two years, it's only since I started to lose weight that my periods have started again and they have come back with a vengeance! I'm stuck as to what to do as my partner and I are thinking of having a baby when I have it taken out but as I only have 12 months left I'm not sure its worth having it taken out to go on the pill for a short time!?! Decisions!


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My doctor recommends 400mg of Ibruprofen every four hours, don't skip any, this will reduce flow and pain.
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I have ouchy times this week too :(
Im finding a mix of paracetamol and Dong Quay are doing the trick though.
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((( ))) i feel for u hun. mines on its way and my tummy is tender nothing as bad as before my ds but tender before my ds it was really painful i endos but think maybe cause i have coil in its helping with my endos relives pain anyhow.
no tips i'm afraid sorry i do have a book with mnatural remedies in but its not on shelf for some reason so can't look in it hun sorry if i find it i will post what it says
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Go to your doctor - mine just prescribed me Mefanamic Acid tablets - you take them three times a day for the first four days of your period, they are absolute magic! Other than that, iburofen is the painkiller you need to take - stay away from asprin, and paracetamol to some extent as they aren't right for this kind of pain - that's what my doc says anyway! x


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I don't know if they sell Advil here or not, but they always did the job for me when I used to have bad period pains. My GYN in the US always used to tell me to take them before the pain even starts.


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Thanks for all the advice!!

In an update, I've now had my implant removed completely because the pill didn't regulate my cycle the way I needed it to :( So I'm back on the pill (first break due on Monday) but doing really well with it.
I completely sympathise. At the weekend I actually thought that my womb was trying to escape it was awful.

I just whinged and moaned but I hear painkillers will help too


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