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Own brand drinks

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by *angela*, 10 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. *angela*

    *angela* Silver Member

    Just wondering when it comes to diet fizzy drinks if all are free or just more well known brands like coke, fanta etc... i love cherry coke+tesco have their own brand called 'tesco xero cherry cola' that ive started to drink at dinner time (drink water rest of the day) and im assuming its syn free but wondered if anyone knew 100% coz i cant find it on the app.

    Thanks in advance :)
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  3. rm247

    rm247 Full Member

    it's my understanding that unless stated otherwise any sugar free/no added sugar diet soft drink is free
  4. When you are in the shop, look at the drink you know is free and check the calorie content. Compare it with the one you want to buy. If it is the same, or near enough, then it will also be free.

    You can also check the calorie value of anything from Tesco on their website. There is 1 calorie per 250ml in their cherry cola which makes it about 8 calories for a 2 litre bottle. There are about 10 calories in a 2 litre bottle of Diet Coke, which is free.
  5. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    But technically juiced fruits are synned.....
  6. You are surely not suggesting that cherry cola has cherries in it?? :) :)
  7. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Noo haha. There was another post on here that suggested not buying juice but making your own using a juicer. That's what I wrote in response to but the post has been removed so it looks like I now consider them synned. I guess it was removed by the mods for whatever reason. It read a bit strangely actually and I wondered at the time if it was a genuine post!!
  8. That explains it! Thought it was a rather disconnected remark.

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