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Owwie... (Guys best avoid this thread...)


Bears dont dig on dancin'
...argh I hate *week cramps. There's no damn paracetamol in the house and I'm on my own with little one fast asleep in bed, so can't go get some. I thought I'd be craving stuff today, but infact I can't be bothered to eat, I just want to curl up and sleep! ...but I have 1 HEXA and 1 HEXB to use! :eek: :( Someone have them for me.... x
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Hot water bottle will do it in an emergency but you better have plenty of water on hand in this hot weather!


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tell me about it have been really suffering this week with mine! It is a nightmare to make things worse i have people staying all weekend (they arrive in half an hour!!) and its my oh birthday party tomorrow!!
I am a bit worried as i have literally been forcing myself to eat as i just am not hungry! Hope yours gets better julianne as mine doesnt look like it will!!


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Hot water bottle and maybe a hot drink will help, or maybe a neighbour has some paracetamol, sleep while you can if the little one is sleeping, hope you'll soon feel better. X


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Thanks ladies. I had cheese, and ww bread, toasted it. Not a great dinner but its both my hex's and the minimum I had to eat! I'm off to bed. OH has been to a gig in London today and will be waking me to get in the house at around 2am!! :eek: Feel a little better just need sleep!

Henna, blimey what a weekend for you! I hope it goes to plan and u feel better soon too!!! Xx


I can do this............
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oh dont it is only getting worse!!! oh is now stuck at work waiting for an engineer to fix the freezer (he is a store manager of iceland) and i have no idea what time he will be home, and his friend will need picking up from the train station in a minute!!!

hope you have a good snooze and the rest of your period is better!! lol!!


I can do this............
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Please do feel free to ignore my hormonally rambling!! lol!
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Oh god. Im so not looking forward to when mine comes! iv not had one in two years. i feel its going to be a bit of a shock again LOL!

*hopes that if she wishes hard enuf, it just wont come!* lol

Hope ur feelin better gorgeous! *hugs* i second that hot water bottle advise! x


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Hey Fern! 2years... that's ages! I did enjoy 9months of none when I was pregnant though! Almost enough to make me do it again! Lol. X

PP aimed at henna!


I can do this............
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oh no dont worry just me being a prat!!!
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Lmfao. thats funny.

Well, on recommendation of our lovley mini's here on the forum OH has taken on the responsibility so my body can take a break from any contraceptive pills/injections..


Bears dont dig on dancin'
I prefer ignorance and denial!! Lol. Wait until that male pill comes out... though if my OH "forgets" to hang a wet bath towel up and not leave it on the floor then who knows how he'd remember that everyday! Lol

Ugh I barely slept and still feel rubbish. Have taken 2sachets of lo's calpol (sugarfree) which adds up to 250mg paracetamol... so hopefully that'll help until I get out at 10. Xx
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You have all my sympathy sweetie. I started my periods when I was 9 years old, so thats 30 years of heavy bleeding and the most awful pains. My doctor gave me the strongest thing possible which was one step away from morphine every month, which helped but really hurt my tummy, and I was worried about my liver with such strong drugs every single month, but I couldnt live without them. But after 30 years, and not wanting anymore children I went in to hospital in March and had laser treatment and it was the best thing I have ever done honestly. (altho if you want more kids you can't have it done).
But when I used to have mine, the hot water bottle was my best friend in the world.... and if someone else in the house was using it, I used to fill an old Coke bottle( like a 2 litre size) with boiling water, about half way... it was a bloody good substitute :)
hope you feel better soon babes......


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ah thanks! I really shouldn't moan as plenty of people (including you) have worse symptoms than me! I feel fine now. Dosed up on some of lo's calpol this morning, the only thing available and it helped! Lol. So that's it for another month, drama over... Thanks everyone xxx


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Tell me about the pains! I've not had a proper period since I was about 19 years old (am 27 now) as I've been having the injection and then the implant for the last year and a half. Now the effects of the injection are wearing off and the implant doesn't seem to be stopping the pain and I've had 3 periods now in 5 weeks! Been in agony for most of today at work and no tablets seem to touch it. I think I'll be heading back to the doctors for the injection again if it carries on like this!

you all have my sympathies!!

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