Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Sarah-Jayne, 28 December 2009.

  1. Sarah-Jayne

    Sarah-Jayne Well-Known Member


    My friend was harping on about how she drink's OXO cubes when she is out of Bovril as apparently its the same thing??

    I know stock cubes are now free, but should I syn an OXO cube if I use it as a drink?

    Thanks x
  2. evethewitch

    evethewitch Well-Known Member

    i would not think so
  3. Lonestitcher

    Lonestitcher Well-Known Member

    I asked my consultant about this a while ago. She said no syns. Then qualified it with the SW stand by of, 'within reason'.
  4. Sarah-Jayne

    Sarah-Jayne Well-Known Member

    Lovely job, thanks :)

    BRUNTY Well-Known Member

    Are OXO cubes 0 syns?
  6. Sarah-Jayne

    Sarah-Jayne Well-Known Member

    Sure are hun :)

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