pain killers?


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Hey all - what kind if painkillers can we take that wont knock us out of ketosis??

I know nurofen liquid caps have glucose, and i think regular nurofen (the round ones) taste sugar coated. Anyone know for sure?

It's my TOTM and I'm in need of some pain relief (pref w codeine), but I'd rather go without than suffer the consequences of more hunger and tiredness!

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Sorry for late spotting of your thread. I'm allergic to nurofen/ ibuprofen, so can't help you there but I've taken plain paracetamol, or paracetamol with codeine when I've needed it and it doesn't seem to have affected things. (I don't use ketostix, so couldn't swear by it, but I can't tell any difference in my losses.)


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Thanks hun, that's exactly what I picked up for myself.

Not as strong as I normally like my painkillers, but it got me through the worst of it and doesn't seem to have affected my kt.