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Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by katalena, 19 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    Can I take Nurofen Liquid Capsules?

    I am not a fan of painkillers but these are all I would take and I AM going to need them in an hour or so, so need to be prepared.


    Kat xx
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  3. daisydoll

    daisydoll Well-Known Member

    are they in the gelatin capsule - if not then i don't think so...

    however, at your late stage of the game i think if you really need them then take them!

    can you not just have the normal paracetamol tablets?

    hope you are oK?

    daisy x
  4. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    Daisy sorry I am being a donut. But are you saying that if they are in the red capsule I can take them or I can't?

    Kat xx
  5. LaydeeBug

    LaydeeBug Well-Known Member

  6. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    I have bought Nurofen Liquid Capsules which my LLC has said I can take if I take them with a pack or bar.

    The problem I have is that I a) cannot have a pack or bar currently and b) I am not meant to take anything that includes aspirin as they thin the blood and I am currently bleeding.

    Soooooooooooooooo, no painkillers for me :( Will see how I go.

    Kat xx
  7. LaydeeBug

    LaydeeBug Well-Known Member

    Do u have a microwave heat pad? They are great for pain. :)
  8. sarah-louise x

    sarah-louise x Well-Known Member

    i had the same problem a week ago and all i take is those so my LLC advised i took just one. which i did and i was fine and the pain went. hope iv helped x
  9. Foxtrot

    Foxtrot Is back in the saddle!

    You have to take ibuprofen with something in your tummy, even if it's just part of a bar. Perhaps you could use a bar just for taking with the tablets in sections.

    Hows the tooth?

    And don't be a heroic silly bat! You've had major work done, if you're in pain, bugger the ketosis, if you do fall out, you can soon get back into it!
  10. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    I have decided to be a brave girl and not take painkillers at all - I have never been a fan of taking pills. I am in incredible pain but I am doing some breathing techniques that my alternative Dad uses and it is surprising how it helps.

    Kat xx
  11. sarah-louise x

    sarah-louise x Well-Known Member

    i hope your pain subsides katalena!!! xxxx
  12. daisydoll

    daisydoll Well-Known Member

    how are you feeling today?
    hope you slept ok
    daisy x
  13. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    I am a bit better today. The pain has reduced a little so more comfortable. I didn't take any pain killers which was somewhat trying last night but I actually slept through it which was great. Rik & I swopped sides of the bed so I wouldn't lay on the side of my head.

    Thanks for asking :)

    Kat xx

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