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are they in the gelatin capsule - if not then i don't think so...

however, at your late stage of the game i think if you really need them then take them!

can you not just have the normal paracetamol tablets?

hope you are oK?

daisy x
Daisy sorry I am being a donut. But are you saying that if they are in the red capsule I can take them or I can't?

Kat xx
I have bought Nurofen Liquid Capsules which my LLC has said I can take if I take them with a pack or bar.

The problem I have is that I a) cannot have a pack or bar currently and b) I am not meant to take anything that includes aspirin as they thin the blood and I am currently bleeding.

Soooooooooooooooo, no painkillers for me :( Will see how I go.

Kat xx
Do u have a microwave heat pad? They are great for pain. :)
i had the same problem a week ago and all i take is those so my LLC advised i took just one. which i did and i was fine and the pain went. hope iv helped x


Is back in the saddle!
You have to take ibuprofen with something in your tummy, even if it's just part of a bar. Perhaps you could use a bar just for taking with the tablets in sections.

Hows the tooth?

And don't be a heroic silly bat! You've had major work done, if you're in pain, bugger the ketosis, if you do fall out, you can soon get back into it!
I have decided to be a brave girl and not take painkillers at all - I have never been a fan of taking pills. I am in incredible pain but I am doing some breathing techniques that my alternative Dad uses and it is surprising how it helps.

Kat xx
i hope your pain subsides katalena!!! xxxx
how are you feeling today?
hope you slept ok
daisy x
I am a bit better today. The pain has reduced a little so more comfortable. I didn't take any pain killers which was somewhat trying last night but I actually slept through it which was great. Rik & I swopped sides of the bed so I wouldn't lay on the side of my head.

Thanks for asking :)

Kat xx

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