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pains while losing weight

Hmmm...sounds strange. Maybe get it checked out? Walk in clinic or something. I sometimes get period pain-type pains (at the wrong times!) but i'm not really sure what that is. I'm no expert! I'm not sure a diet could give you a muscle pain. Is it really bad? Maybe it's something like trapped wind. I get really bad pains like that when I have a really low-syn week - I think it's all the fruit!!! xx
its not really bad hun just uncomfy kind of like period pains but i'm not due. only way I can describe it is like when you are first pregnant (but i'm not) I've had it before and I feel lighter when I have it to. thinking its my body moving back


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There was a thread on here a few weeks ago about someone getting pains, but it was due to something they were eating. I think it was mushrooms and something else. You may want to watch what you are eating more closely.
Also try to limit the diet drinks as they may be causing you wind.
I definitely get strange period type pains as well. I think it's probably wind or something that doesnt agree with you properly, but doubt it's anything to worry about. Quorn always gives me wind! Too much info lol :D sorry.
hmm thanks will have to watch what i'm eating and see if theres a connection.
could be connected to coke I guess I gave up coke about 2 weeks ago and hardley had any since and that what I did have was flat cause its what I had left. last night I brought a bottle from the shop so could be that cause my body isn't used to it anymore.
gonna go try some hot water and sugar see if it is wind
I get these great tablets called Windeze - only ones i've ever had that work. One or two of those work a treat if i'm really uncomfortable. Give it a try! :)


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Something to keep an eye on but it could be your change of diet. I tend to steer clear of bread as it bloats me out for the first time in 3 months on saturday I ate some and paid for it the rest of the day it irritated my stomach and I was in pain for the rest of the day, wont be doing that again in a hurry!


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I get weird pains when i eart raw tomatoes. Tinned or passata is fine. Raw tomatoes are the devil for me. Maybe it IS an intolerance, like others have said. Sounds like it might be. Good luck.
Hi, I get period type pains when I am ovulating; normally about 1.5 - 2 weeks after I have finished my last period, makes me feel really bloated as well.

Just a thought. :)

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