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Palmers Cocoa Butter/Virgin olive oil

Anyone else use these?

I'm just about to go to the bath and I know I'll be losing the will to live again when I get out.

You see I use these as a mixture with Bio Oil and St Ives Toning stuff. I mix them all together and then slap them on. I don't know which one would be best so I use them all as a mixture. It does seem to have made a big difference to my skin.

Anyhoo.....the first few uses of Palmers and it comes out easy, after a few times and me knowing it's still half full it stops coming out easy. You need muscles like a muscle man to get any out of it! I lose my temper and end up banging it off sinks, floors, walls, anything! I always end up having to remove the lid and find it's half full. Soooooooo frustrating as it's takes ages to get out, and leaves me wanting to punch walls, when it should be a relaxing squirt!

Anyone else have this problem? Or is it another conspiracy against me?
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Well i use garnier stuff and even wen the ting is full i find it very difficult to get some stuff out! so no ur not alone its definitely the bottles. Love reading ur posts they are always so colourful!
yeah think its a conspiracy hun. lol. hate it when that happens.
used palmers when i was pregnant but dont think it really helped. dont use it now though.
enjoy ur bath hun, i need a long hot 1 later after xfactor.
x x


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I did read your post about 3 times and still don't understand what you are talking about :D

What ever it is, I agree with what you said :D
We should invent an easy squeeze bottle, that is easy to squeeze right until the bottle is finished! We'd make a fortune.

Sugarlips - I have those bottles, and I do turn them upside down but I still have to fight with it! It is a conspiracy.

Jeessssssssiiiiii! It was something about lots of lotion and oil and getting tops off, then banging about the bathroom! Get it now? :D


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Jeessssssssiiiiii! It was something about lots of lotion and oil and getting tops off, then banging about the bathroom! Get it now? :D
ohhhhhhhhhhhh I get it now.
OMG you is dirtyyyyy
:banana dancer:
Haha, fantastic, bless you! Did you see the episode of Dragons Den where someone had invented something to make sure absolutely every part of the tube comes out? Looks like you should hunt that down ;-)

I use Bio Oil, don't know that it's really working that well, but at least I can open it easily!

Haha Jesi, I knew you'd get it once I empathised the important bits!

Hannah, I really should hunt that product down! It would make my life so much easier, and curb my anger a tad. That is an excellent idea!

I'm anger with the Bio Oil also. It's too slippy. I was putting the lid back on and the bottle slipped out of my hand and half of it poured down the sink! Conspiracy, I tell ye!

I love the Bio Oil, think it works as my skin looks much better, but I use so much stuff I don't know which one is working! I drive myself insane.
LOL!! Pssst.... Palmers have brought out a bottle with a pump dispenser... it's brillopads!

Hahahaha Porgeous! Great! I'll be able to exfoliate and soften all at once! Save so much time!

I hate bloody pump dispensers. They always stop working, and get clogged up. I then have to take them apart, messy and infuriating!

Your weight loss is incredible! Your photos are amazing! You look stunning! What a huge difference, you look like a totally difference person. So inspiring, and to have maintained for 17 months is outstanding. It's people like you that keep me strong and determined. Thank you!


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