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Does anyone know if this can be used as HE, is it free on EE or how many syns has it got. Where can I buy it etc. Just been looking at some curry sites and they use it alot calling it cottage cheese but its not like out cottage cheese, it comes in a block and can be cubed like toffu.

Would like the information as I think its good to have a go at something new and I'm up for a challenge lol.:D
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To be honest I don't know. It certainly won't be free as it'd basically just a cheese and I have thought that if it was okay for a HEB then it would be listed. Maybe just phone the syn helpline to find out how many syns it is. I've tried it and it is yummy so it would be interesting to know.

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mmmmmmmmm so yummy, I'll be very interested to know how many syns it is. I just love paneer in curry, I've not had it for ages. I can't think of any supermarkets which sell it but if you have an asian area near where you live I'd try those shops I'm sure they'll sell it.


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I was wondering the same. Our local supermarkets all sell it. Quite popular now I think! X