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Just wondered if anyone is going to a panto this year and which famous?? celebs are performing near you.

Btw I hate pantos but still interested.

Just heard that in Consett or is it Stanley but both in Co Durham Mike Sarne and Billie Davis are there and if you're my age you'll know who they are.

And Jill Halfpenny is in Newcastle and someone who used to be in Neighbours years ago - she had a funny laugh and i think she married Joe Mangel - is in Durham

Irene xx
Hi hun!!!

I'm going to take the kids to see Ms Halfpenny at the Theatre Royal and probably Michael Barrymoore in Scrooge at the Sunderland Empire - if I can be bovvered to pay a million pounds for the tickets! EEK!

Am going to see the Xmas show on Cromer Pier on Wednesday with my Mum and her old folks club. After all I am a member too LOL.
The star of the show is Tucker. I had never heard of him till I saw him there a couple of years ago. He is a comedian and very funny too.
Pantos are a bit thin on the ground around here. Even Cromer is over 60 miles away. I suppose the nearest one that would have big names would be Nottingham but have no idea who is there. Boring aren't I