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Paranormal activity

Hi all

Omg finally watched it at home with eldest and his g/f and i thought yeah what a load of bum its defo the man setting his g/f up.

Until i saw her being dragged outta of the bed, i found that very disturbing and none of us can get it outta of our head, and now none of us wanna go to bed we all camping down stairs lolol, how bad are we hehehe.

Hope you all having good night xxxx
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I saw the clips of this they showed around Most Haunted Late and it put the willies up me so no chance of me watching it!!!! Hope you sleep well :-D

The clips were nothing till the last three nights of the show omg defo put the creepers up me and kids, so glad they showed the ending that not shown in usa, as its banned here i wouldnt like to see that ending :(
Is that the one where she returns to the bedroom with a knife? I read about it on Wiki. Ewwwwwwww !
Dont wanna give much away but yeah, the usa one shows what she does apparently and our version is from the bedroom camera thank god :D:D but not looked into that tbh as i dunno if they banned that from usa too, but it was shown in 2007 so my son said :rolleyes: gonna google it now lol


I will succeed!!!
Eh what's this? Not heard of it. Is it a movie or show? Real or fiction? I looove ghosty stuff :) x
iv heard fo it but i dont understand what sort of film it is? like sticky said.. can someone clarify.

i love this sort of stuff, even though it completly freaks me out and Oh has banned me from such things and i then sturggle to sleep etc lol
iv heard fo it but i dont understand what sort of film it is? like sticky said.. can someone clarify.

i love this sort of stuff, even though it completly freaks me out and Oh has banned me from such things and i then sturggle to sleep etc lol
Ok 1. dont watch it if you have struggle in sleeping im still struggling looking around and hearing stupid things. If watch in cinema you should be okies, but i watched it at home with my eldest lol

the film was done in 2006 and it was a real actual happenings in there house about a woman having this demon with her since she was 8 years old, it comes and goes, but she is living with this man called micah (mika) and all he does is provoke the damn thing and basically they have camera's everywhere in the house to see if they can catch what is happening, basically i dont think micah believes i think her name sarah about it so he wants to do his own experiments and the physic guy said basically you fine until you provoke it. So basically i thought it was b/f setting her up until near the end where she gets dragged outta bed i found that disturbing, but if you watch it you no when anything going to happen as the light at the end of hall comes on then off then you no he/she/whateva it is walking to there room.

They changed the ending which im not sure which is the correct ending, i think the one we watch is the correct ending but if you google it there is three endings. Also this film was out in the states in 2007 and now here in 2009 hope this makes sense :rolleyes:


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oOOOOOOoooOOOOO I will be off to see this then! Can you get in on DVD then? I dunno if to see it on big screen or at home. Reluctant to watch at home as I get nervous going upstairs on my own if lights are out - when we moved in, the hay bailing hatch slammed shut while I was in the attic and I nearly peed self (we live in a barn conversion and the old hay bailing hatch is now the door to a first floor level attic which is above the extension :) ). It's full of nooks and crannies so creaks a lot and so yes, I might actually freak out if at home lol.

I might drag OH soon...I seem to be at the cinema a lot atm! :D x
YouTube - "Paranormal Activity" - Official Trailer [HQ HD]

The part at the end is not in the film when he get flung to camera, dunno why they put that in the trailer i think that was for 2007 viewing (different ending)

IN CINEMA TOMOZ LOL GOOD LUCK be interesting to find out what ending you watch ohh please let me no


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I just looked it up on wiki - euw indeed! But I love scary films so defo watching. Will drag OH with me!
OMG. For my own safety i ahve decided not to watch this. I already suffer from nightmares etc. i think i'd just be setting myself up for more trouble.

but i can't help but be intreigued. :( damn it
my mate works in a cinema and had to watch it to screen reeel test it (basically to check the reels are in the correct order) and she said she couldnt sleep it was that scary!!!


i wouldnt watch it - give me 'Land before time' anyday!!!

LOL! x
I watched it last weekend sarah at home and couldnt sleep still blooming cant lol


I will succeed!!!
I watched this last night...and OMG it is scary. But not because it's some big budget special effects film. The opposite. It's not OTT and it's very low budget. Basically...Blair Witch in someone's home. And oh-em-gee I left cinema a little scared.

A lot of the teenagers left saying 'it wasn't even scary' - well, if you imagine that happening to you...it is very scary. I wouldn't have handled the 'small' things at the start let alone been able to even SLEEP in that place.

All I will say (to not spoil for others) is the 'powder' bit sh*t me right up. Was not enjoying that! xxx

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