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Parking across my path!


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The people who live next door keep parking their (MASSIVE!) van across my path. They have been doing it for months but we didn't have a car until last week when my OH started his new job.

I've knocked now 3 times and asked them politely to move it which they have done on each occasion but every night, it seems to end up blocking the path again. It took 15 minutes for OH to get out on to the road this morning because they weren't answering the door and he had to try and maneuver his car out around the van.

The van is huge, and is actually too big for them to park it completely in front of their house but I feel like they should have considered this before they bought it!

This was the wife's mums house and we bought it off them when she died. I know they obviously used to park it outside then but I get the feeling they think they can just continue it now.

I need some advice, I'm really not good with confrontation but I need to get the point across that they need to stop parking there altogether and not just when I knock and ask them to move.

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What about just explaining that now you have a car it's not possible for them to park there.

Maybe they don't realise.
When I knocked last night I said OH has started a new job and needs to drive to work each morning but she just said "okay".

Thanks though, maybe I just need to be more clear. X
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Get you hubby to park where they park first moment he can! If they're parking across your drive then they're breaking the law and you can call in the neighbourhood warden.
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This is a sticky one.

Unless they are parking across your property, or on a white line on the road outside, there's nothing that can be done.

I had a bit of a hoo-haa with the neighbours when they kept constantly parking their car outside my house leaving me nowhere to park. As I don't have a driveway, I don't have the white line.

I did research online to see what I could do, but because it's public highway, I haven't got a leg to stand on.

On the plus side, once I've nabbed my parking space back, I rarely use the car and walk everywhere now so I don't lose the space lol!


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If it is a driveway that they block I would tell them that if they continue to block it you will have no option but to get the vehicle removed by Police/ Council warden for obstruction and they will have to pay to recover it! Also I believe that if you damage it trying to get past it , it's their problem....
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Is there anywhere else for them to park the van?

If you don't like confrontation try other things like, knocking very early saying OH has to go to work early, if they don't answer the door ring them; or next time you knock for them to move the van say 'it must be so annoying for you to keep having to move the van, shame you can't park it elsewhere'; or before you have to knock for them to move the van call the evening before & say 'I need to get out early tomorrow, so I don't disturb you would you mind moving your van now'.

Hope you get it sorted, it's so annoying things like this.


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Haven't been here for a few days but thanks for all of your replies!

Latest is that they've gone on holiday (in the van) and so we don't have a problem at the moment. The back end of last week though OH was having to park the van outside the shops across the road which I just feel is ridiculous as we have a driveway!

As for them parking elsewhere, yes they could park the van on their own driveway, or (at least most of it) outside their own house.

I've decided that if the problem continues when they get back I will politely inform them that I'm going to contact the council.

Thanks again everyone X

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