Partner problems!


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Probably a common one for most! But how does your partner feel about you being on the Cambridge plan? I haven't told mine... We have only been together a few weeks and I dont want to burden/bore him with my diet! He's a massive foodie, he used to be a chef so I'm not sure how he would take it, I don't really think he would get it as he doesn't think I'm big at all, unfortunately the scales say otherwise lol. Luckily I either work or am at the gym so can avoid dinner with him but we have a meal out on Saturday with 20 people at a Chinese! I would rather not go to be honest, especially as people would be drinking and eating and I really don't want to go off plan!

What would you guys do?!
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Depends how much u want to lose the weight? I came off over Christmas and New Year but tried to eat healthy. I am done now with meals out and drinking until i get to goal because i dont want to make the diet any longer than it needs to be and also i dont want to waste the money. Thats just me tho! I would have said if u go for a meal have something like a Chicken salad (no carbs) but i dont even know whats healthy from a chinese lol. I live with my bf and he is fine about the diet and really supportive i am very lucky. As for everyone else... i aint told anyone else i am on the diet lol. What ever you decide good luck hun xxx


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i'd cry off sick. but in the long run, you ought to be able to tell your partner. if someone respects you, then they'll respect your ability to make the right choices for yourself.

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my hubby no longer blinks an eye. neither do my parents or friends. they're just used to it now!


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i think ive been really lucky in the sense coz me and my husband have been doing the diet together and its been such good support. it was really weird around friends and family first coz they would be like why are u just eating chicken with leaves!!!! but we told them that we were eating healthy (no mention of cd coz ppl just dont understand) and now people dont even notice at all...

i think you will find that the sooner you tell and get it out of the way you will be able to focus 110% on the diet. and also... give the guy a chance he may turn out to be your biggest supporter :) and its always good to have someone close to you who understands what ur doing and why your doing it xx


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I think I probably will do soon it's just it's all very new, we've were seeing each other for a while and now it's all official (i hate dating terms btw! Why can't it just be simple lol) he would be supportive if I explained the reasons etc I just don't want to get too deep too soon!

Re. Saturday we're going for drinks at 7 and the meal is at half 8 so I think I'll just skip off then and avoid the meal!

Thanks for your replies :)