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Party, alcohol, buffet - have i blown it?


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I went to a party last night with all the best intentions in the world to stick to my syns, however had a few glasses of wine , a few malibus and visited the buffet twice :( I have been so good and disciplined all week and now Im absolutely gutted that Iv most probably wasted the whole week and ruined it within hours? Has this happened to anyone and did it mess up your week? Im so disappointed in myself, weigh day tomorrow too :(( :eek:
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we all do it-Iam very prone to these naughty accidents-thats why I count my syns on a aweekly basis -it stops that sinking feeling when i pig out cos I know I've saved a lot of syns towards it.


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Have you blown it?

Blown what?
- the day? - probably
- the week? - possibly
- your weight loss journey? - definitely not unless you let one day off plan become one week, and one week become a month, and so on ...

So in the big scheme of things does it really matter if this week you don't lose? Take the long-term view rather than focus on one bad day


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Its only my second week though and I dont know what I feel like If I dont lose, finding it v difficult x
Kim, where in peterborough are you? I used to live there, and my parents still do.
I live deeping way x


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Kim, I've done the same thing this week. ;) By some miracle I've only put on 1lb and I had a fantastic time so reckon it was worth it - life's too short, just get back on track, we can't put our lives completely on hold. Good luck for your next weigh in. :nono:
Thanks alot guys, more to lose next time I guess! xx
no not at all! not a bad place by all accounts x
Im quite new to this can you tell me when ill be able to edit my profile and put pics on etc cause so far im not allowed?xx
can anyone get the syn values for hot pockets for me? Preferably the bacon and egg ones but any will help!
Oh lil kimh i've lost count!! Believe me, if you get back on it tomorrow everything will be fine. I would just try and have a few less syns and maybe have a good walk!

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