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Party Food HELP

Hi All

I am having a party on Saturday and I have bought the usual suspect party food for everyone but wondered what on earth I could make myself as to not go totally out of control!!!

I eat a lot of SW quiches so would like something diffrent, possibly free, if not definetly very low syn.

I would like to have had the same as everyone else but over the past two weeks I have gain a pound and a half xxx

Please help.

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Okay well you could try make your own sandwiches?? i.e. have a plate of rolls, bread all ready buttered, then have a selection of meats on another plate + a dish of coleslaw, salad etc so people can put them together themselves, therefore you can avoid the bread (if on red), cold cooked new potatoes, Pasta are also good? Plenty of salad boiled eggs pickled eggs! Allow a few syns too? :)

Hope this helps
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SW houmous sounds yummy, you could have loads of veg to go with it, like cucumber, carrot, celery etc.

I want to go make some now :)
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cheese and pineapples on sticks? use babybells or measured amount of cheese so you know how many you get for an A and use fresh pineapple instead of tinned so its free. Homemade cotch eggs on EE would only be a few syns each. Veggies are boring but free, make some diffrent dips with quark to jazz them up. Cols chicken wings or drumsticks (no skin) with bbq sauce on or some other glaze. Homemade crisps done in the micro (alot of effort but free, would take you years to make enough for everyone but you could just make some for yourself), fat free cupcakes are 0.5 syns each and nice.


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Chicken Skewers, Mince Meat Kebabs for a Red Day
Falafels or Potatoe Salad for Green Day

ColeSlaw or Tabuleh for getting the Veggies in

Few Ryvitas with LC with Tomatoe/Cucumbers on top (to pick on throughout the party) for HEB

Mixed Fruit Salad?


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my famous FREE breaded onion rings and garlic mushrooms, its on here somewhere xx
* Cous Cous
* Savoury Rice
* Cherry toms, pickles
* Cheese, grapes and pineapple
* Fritatta
* Crudites and a garlic FF fromage frais dip/minty yogurt dip

Do yourself a plate up before your guests arrive and put it in the fridge, when they arrive and start eating, sneak your plate out the fridge and noone will know! You can keep your low syn nicies for yourself then if you don't want to make it for everyone! SW KFC for everyone may be expensive but just make yourself a small portion. Things like savoury rice and cous cous are quite cheap and ok for everyone xxx
Thanks hun, excellent advice xxx

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