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Party On Saturday AND Sunday *gulp*

Oh no.. I don't know why they've got to do this but my dad's birthday is this Sunday and my bro & sis planned a BBQ on sat, AND dinner on sun.

I know I'm gonna come across as being selfish for saying this considering that it's HIS birthday, but I really wish they'd just squeeze it into a day. I mean, I look at the weekend and all I can see is me totally losing it and falling off CD! I don't know if I have that much determination in me to last all the way through 2 such days!!

I just started CD yesterday and I thought, hey, by Sat, it'd be Day 6 of SS and it won't be so bad cos by then I'd be used to it. Thing is, I've been sneaking in bites (I feel so ashamed of myself but I've been sooo hungry.. :banghead:) and now I'm just really worried that I won't be strong or determined enough for this weekend! :(

I'm so afraid I really don't know what to do. I've never been good at controlling myself at such functions. Especially now that I'm on CD, all those food will definitely tempt the S*** out of me!!

HEEELP :sign0163:
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If you want to stick to the diet why dont you warn them before the weekend that you wont be eating and you dont want anyone to ask you if you would like anything as it would be money down the drain and all your effort out the window.

This is what I did at christmas, I told them I would not be eating and I didnt want food pushed into my face or I would be going home.

Good luck with what you decide
I know how you feel! I had this before, i was on week 3 of CD and already feeling a bit low and nauseus and my Aunt and Uncle threw a party for their silver wedding anniversairy, with a buffet. The following day they all went out for a meal.

It was hard work, but i sat there with my water and didn't complain once to them (even when inside i was screaming "GIVE ME FOOD!!!")

I tell you what though, i felt a massive sence of achievement when i knew that no food had touched my lips and that i had lost weight that week.

NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS BEING SLIM FEELS - I have never been slim - but i believe that health is a much better feeling than any form of food.

Believe and you can do this. Be positive and believe in yourself that you will cope brilliantly and you will. You'll see.

Let me know how it goes. Enjoy it! Think of all those people who will be thinking that you are making positive changes to your current health issues, instead of "she's filling her face with food again" Better still - you wont make a drunken fool of yourself (usually my party trick - too many grass stained clothes !!) x x x x


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You might find, as I do, that functions arent as bad as you might imagine. If everyone knows what you are doing, they wont be expecting you to eat, so if you do they will know you've cheated a bit!! You wont want that so early on in your journey will you!!!

Most people (IMO) are really understanding, and pretty interested in how these VLCDs work once you mention them, so go armed with lots of info and a cheery smile ! You are sure to win them over!!

I had my own birthday shortly after starting LL, and I even asked my kids to bake me a cake, as thats what they love doing. I had a slice of it on my plate, crumble dit a bit, and pushed it away. None of our visitors (who didnt know about LL)even noticed!

It can be done, and I am sure you will manage!! Just think how proud you will feel once its all over, and you have SS'd all the way to the finish line!
Thanks so much you all.. I will keep you updated bout how it goes.. In the mean time, I'll try to gear up for Saturday in whatever ways possible :)

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