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party this weekend

I have a Superbowl party this weekend (US slimmer). It is free food and drink for 6 hours! I've obviously been planning this for a long time and wanted to flexisyn that day. I haven't "saved" any syns as I guess I don't really see the point. But I only have between 3 and 10 a day. It doesn't take me much to get a bit tipsy anymore but I don't want to think about it all night either! I'll be ok with the food part but I guess its the drinks I'm worried about. U know I might not have anything to worry about but this is my first MAJOR flexisyn day since I started a month ago. Do I just need to calm down?! I trust myself completely and will eat well before the party. I want to have a good time.

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I've tried eating before parties where they have food laid on, I just end up eating at the party too! So, I no longer do this and just eat at the party as I ended up eating two meals basically.

I'm one of these people who can still eat even if I'm not hungry but if you're not, then that's fab!

Yes, just relax, enjoy the evening and take it as it comes :)
Drinks are simple - stick to spirits and diet mixers and they're mostly 2.5 syns a single shot.

Stay away from beer and you'll keep the syns down!
Sounds awesome!!

My advice is to have a 50/50 approach - have half good food, and half non-SW food, and that way the overall damage wont be too bad, as you have still indulged, but not splurged.

Same with drinks - i would have a soft drink, every other drink - just to reduce hangover as well - you never know what the munchies will be like! haha!

Have fun! x


Always comes back to MMs!
Definitely, I'm with EB and the 50/50 approach, I'm out tonight for a meal and will choose a SW friendly starter, a main with a bit of naughty and skip dessert and have a voddy instead...

Smart choices and you will be fine xxxxx
Well, in the US we have a beer called MGD 64. It's 65 calories - or about 3 syns? Is that right? I was thinking about drinking that. I normally drink vodka and a diet mixer. Will the syns be higher on vodka? They don't "measure" shots in the US. Most of it is free pour. I know in the UK there is some sort of legality to the whole thing. And there isn't here. So 1 shot to some bartenders might be 2 or 3 to another! I'm thinking about sticking to the MGD 64 and having a diet coke or some water in between. The party starts at 4, so I plan on eating breakfast and lunch. I know they're going to have smoked chicken there, but not sure about the rest. Well, I know they're having bbq ribs and such, but I won't be eating that! It's a private party at the place where I work, so I'll try and get the low down before Sunday!! Thanks for your advice. :)
You know what hun it's one day....try and be as good as you can but if you find it doesn't go to plan then just the next day get right back on...it may affect (in fact if you blow it it will affect) your weight loss that week but it's ne weigh in and not the end of the world eh.

I'm not saying set out to just eat everything and anything but I have had days go wrong over this last year and I am still 50lbs down....maybe I'd be 60lbs down with more willpower but 50 is better than a kick in the pants eh ;)

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