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Pasta and sauce


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If you just make it with water ,instead of butter and milk they are free. They still taste yummy this way. However if you wanted you could use a hexa of milk to add to it whilst cooking. the free ones that i know for defintate is the mild cheese and brocoli and the tomato and basil and i think the bolognaise, watch out for the macaroni i think that has a low syn value though.
they are mostly free, a few of them have a syn value of half or 1 though


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Thanks. I got the cheese and broccoli so will make it with water and lots of mushrooms and veggies
I use some of my HEXA and make it with water and milk. I don't like them made with just water but guess it's personal preference really.


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I like the mushroom and garlic one, made with mainly wagter, a splash of milk, and finished off with VLF Fromage Frais. [almost] totally free!


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The macaroni cheese one is 1 syn, i don't use milk, like to save it for cuppas, so i add loads of veg or the smash buttery is free i add a bit of it as powder and it thickens the pasta up lovely and gives a nice buttery taste, you don't need a lot of it. Also smash added to homemade potato and leek soup thickens it up a treat. xxx

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