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Pasta or spagetti


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Do you mean best quality or best for pro points? Because pro points wise it's all the same, and quality doesn't really matter with spag bol!
You can buy wholegrain pasta yeah. Its the same pp though as white pasta. nom nom spag bol!


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Do you have the zero propoint spag bol recipe??? Shame to use up points when you dont need to :D

FYI.. While brown and white pasta is the same points wise.. Brown is so much better for you..
As with any white carbs, be it bread, pasta or rice.. they act as a glue and are more difficult for our bodies to discard.. Whereas the brown is full of fibre and goodness and our bodies can digest it quicker..

Enjoy yer spag bol :D


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A zero propoint spag bol recipe Dubchick? Can such a thing really exist? Please share!


Finally Pregnant!!
Yea sorry Ellen just a zero propoint bolognese sauce.. Think the recipe is on my recipe thread (link below) Tin tomatoes, worcester sauce, HP brown sauce and I think veg stock (been a while since I made it).. really quick n easy but most of all really tasty :D

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Sounds great Dubchick!

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