Pasta question


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Evening all :)

I have a question about pasta.

I weighed out my wholemeal pasta dry this evening on my weight watchers new scales and weighed 6 pp of dry wholemeal pasta.

I then cooked it and re weighed it as cooked wholemeal pasta and it was less than 6pp.

Is that right? If so how do I work out my pasta before I cook it so as not to waste it?


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I only ever weigh my pasta once, dried.

Then I cook it and cook it ... but 6pp of dried pasta that's a really nice amount (looks like stuff all in the pan when it's dried though!)


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Thanks all. I guess I need to use two saucepans then, one for mine weighed as dry and one for the boyf's massive amount of pasta!

Thanks :)


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I'm a two pan girl too! Then another two for veg as my other half feels physically violated if I give him veg! As Garfield once said 'the only way u'll get a vegetable in my body is to stake me thro the heart with a carrot' x