pat on the back and new way of thinking!


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Ok, so I have been angelic since rejoining almost 2 weeks ago but today is a special day - my youngest daughter's 16th birthday.

I took her to penzance to get an iphone and I said I would take her and her friend for a sandwich and a cake. I was ravenous sooooo instead of going without and feeling glum I decided to have something too.

So one brie and salad sandwich and cappucino later I am done and I am feeling good. Why, when technically I have broken my 'diet'??? well here is why.....

I stayed in control. I ate because I was hungry, I enjoyed what I had and as I am now full I will have maybe some yogurt and fruit later if I get peckish.

Plus I got to enjoy some quality time without stressing that I had blown it.

back on track tomorrow with my new relaxed attitude and loving it. x
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That's fantastic! Well done - it really goes to show that our minds are becoming healthier too!


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Awesome - we have to remember that we are only human and if we are to lose weight and more importantly KEEP IT OFF then we have to lead normal lives and that means enjoying life occasionally! For me I never feel guilty if it's done in a controller manner, isn't a binge and doesn't ruin the rest of the day/week/month. Not to say that I don't binge or let it last weeks, then I feel guilt!


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Sounds ace Hun. And I love the sound of that sandwich :)
Sometimes you need to be able to go out and enjoy yourself without worrying too much about food xxx

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The problem that I have and I have it really really badly is ''oh I've had a biscuit I may as well have a takeaway'' so I feel I have accomplished something today.

Am bleddy starving now though lol x

hollys nan

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And at the end of the day life is for living! And it was a special day.Sounds as if youre well in control, well done


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I aspire to this lol.

I want to get to a point where I can have a bar of dairy milk - just one bar....a reasonably small sized one (NOT THE MASSIVE SLAB I USUALLY GET) and not stress about it or let it turn into a binge.