Pathetic...struggling on 1st day!!! HELP!

Discussion in 'Very Low Calorie Diets' started by doublemum, 18 August 2006 Social URL.

  1. doublemum

    doublemum Member

    Started CD this morning & struggling already!!!

    How cr*p am i?!

    Sat at work, thinking about food. I've had my banana drink which have to say tasted like poo (in my opinion!) & drinking loads of water. Tummy is grumbling like mad & got a headache brewing.

    I just feel so miserable & i've only just begun :(

    Any words of wisdom please, i know it will get easier in a few days, but that seems like a year away!

    How can food play such an important part of my life, i hate it!

    Sorry for whinging so much, but thought i could take my mind of food for a while if i'm typing!

    Lorraine xx
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  3. tpott

    tpott Silver Member

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    Don't panic!!
    You can do this! Don't give up! Keep glugging the water, try and get at least 4 litres a day down! The more water you drink the more you will shrink!
    If you are tempted to eat, distract yourself! Read a book, paint your nails, go for a walk, catch up on your e-mails or paper work! Do anything you like, but do not give in to food!
    You can do this
  4. mimosa23

    mimosa23 Dutchie

    Hi Lorraine,

    Well, you've taken the hardest step already and that's actually getting the courage to start! So well done for that! I just want to say that the first few days are tough, and I can't make that any different, but keep in mind why you are doing this and drink loads, like Tracy said, keep drinking water and distract yourself with nice things, it really helps! Have a nice bath tonight, or pamper yourself with a facial, just to make you feel good when things are difficult.

    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!! We're here all the way to support and cheer you on!
  5. Roch

    Roch Minimins gal x

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    Morning lorraine,well done on starting cd.The first 3/4 days are always the hardest till you get into ketosis,then then the phyisical hunger symptoms will go and it will def be easier for you.
    One good tip i can give you is for the first 4 days or so when you get up take a couple of painkillers even if you feel ok,becuase you body is detoxing you will get headaches,but pls make sure you carry on drinking,it will help with the hunger pangs and also the headaches.
    You are not wingeing at all so dont worry about it !!
    When you get home why dont you try some of the reciepes alot of people find it easier to make muffins and other things from their packs as they can still chew on food and they dont feel like they are missing out,let me know if you dont have any of the reciepes and i will ask one of the team to post them for you.
    What day are you seeing your cdc,think how happy you will be when you get weighed and see an amazing weight loss,
    You can do this, we are all hear for you,take care xxx
  6. Cheb

    Cheb Gold Member

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    Take a couple of paracetamol to help with the headache. It will be withdrawal of carbs or maybe caffine that's the likely cause. If you usually have a morning coffee go and have one now, even if you don't like it black think of it as medicinal.

    My friend felt really awful on her first morning, headache, sick and very weepy she was ready to give it up, having stuck it out she came through the other side and went on to lose 5st! It's worth it and will get easier, promise.

    Hope you feel much better soon.
  7. Salsalass

    Salsalass Regular Member

    The first few days really are the worse Lorriane. A week ago I had the headache from hell and felt cr*p. Now...I feel great. Once you're in ketosis you'll feel much better, honestly :) Keep at it, it's worth it.

  8. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD
    Those of us that are now further into our diets know that the first few days are the worst and what comes after that is a breeze in comparison. :)

    Glug the water and take some painkillers for the headache because you need to make yourself feel as well as you can. Also think about going into town and grabbing some lovely smellies for a nice relaxing pampering session in the bath tonight.

    Not only will this be a good distraction to pass the time but you will also feel much better afterwards.

    In the meantime you have found a whole bunch of people on this forum that have been through what you are going through and are doing very well because they have manged to stick with it.

    This forum is great for sharing your experiences but really comes into its own when your are at your lowest for please lean on us here at minimins and we will help you through ;)
  9. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Lorraine, Its ok, you are normal to feel like this, I know everyone says the first few days are the hardest and please take it from me its true. The advice you have been given already is excellent, water water and more water! Try keep off cooking the packs for a week or so as it loses some of the nutrients that are vital to you on your first stage.
    If you are bored, read my thread, its currently called, hey diddly dee, a cd life for me!, its on weight loss diary. its hard to believe that 27 days ago I was where you are now, it does go fast once you are past the first 5 days, dont give up and youll never look back.
    You can do this, you can always PM me if you want a private rant!
  10. desperate2lose

    desperate2lose Regular Member

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    Keep at it. it will be really worth it. I know it is a bit of a pain at first, but think about it: Do you really want to eat? What has it acheived before except gaining weight? Let us control food and dont let it control you. I talk to the food sometimes like it is a person. I say ' you are my will always be here and i will return to you, but on my own terms. I cant let you dictate my life again. If I eat you, i will undo all the hard work i have done etc etc' Some people think i am mad but it truly works for me. I have had food always and to be honest i never had a good relationship with it. I need to have healthy relationship with food and for this reason, i wont succumb to temptations.

    I will tell you what i do: I read the success stories of others and i also take inspiration on how they coped with their struggles. Have short term goal.
  11. zareena

    zareena Silver Member

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    Hun, you're NOT crap!! To be honest, the first day is usually the hardest.. actually to be more honest, the first few days are the hardest! Once you get through them it becomes easier. Just hang in there! :)
  12. olijames

    olijames Member

    hey double mum..Im with you on it hun!

    How you feeling today..Im on day 4 of LL as a restarter..i lost 4.5 stone and put on 9lbs in the time i was off it, about 4 weeks..was trying for baby and had im back, the baby plans are taking a back seat whilst i lose the last stone and a half..its tough isnt it! Even though Ive done all this getting into K before i dont remember it being so tough but everything everyone has said rings so so really does get easier ..thats what i know and what i keep telling myself

    I like the talking to food idea..also some of these words of wisdom on here may be great printed off and stuck on the fridge or wardrobe..

    anyway..better get on with the water drinking..thats my main downfall, especially when its so cold!

    Wishing you well..keep in touch..and remember that a blip doesnt mean failure..x


  13. lardass

    lardass Silver Member

    Please don't give up, you really will see a good loss in 1st week if you are 100 %. Painkillers really helped me and a cup of sweet black coffee (with sweerners of course).

    Let us know how you get on.

    If you are typing on here you won't be able to eat (unless you can type one handed)
  14. doublemum

    doublemum Member

    Well i've just had my choccie velvet carton & it was bloomin lovely!!!
    Haven't caved in yet, so feel pleased with myself!

    Thank you all for your messages, its great to read them all!!!

    Lorraine xx
  15. lardass

    lardass Silver Member

    You can make choccie velvet into hot chocolate drink, and even add sweetner if want it sweeter !!!!

  16. Summerskye

    Summerskye Gold Member

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    Well done for sticking with it, Lorraine - you really won't regret it! As everyone else has said, the first week can be very difficult for a lot of people and most of us feel a sense of real 'loss' by giving up the food which has comforted us for so long .. and, of course, made us overweight in the first place :( .

    I've always seen CD as a means to an end rather than an end in itself - it's simply the tool I use to lose weight and become slim for the first time in my adult life. Just keep in mind that it's not forever, keep glugging as much water as you can and focus on staying strong for the first week. Once you see your 1st week's loss you'll have no problems carrying on after that :)

    Chocolate Velvet tetras are also delicious frozen and eaten as icecream .. my favourite!! Stick them in the freezer overnight, unwrap, pop in a bowl and leave to defrost for about an hour ... enjoy!! :p
  17. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Your body is detoxing and in withdrawal from carbs and drinking your water will help speed things up and when you go into ketosis you will feel a lot better.:)
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  19. sarahjj

    sarahjj Full Member

    Well done Lorraine for getting through it! I know everyone has already said it, but really, the 1st few days are hell! But it's such an achievement getting through them, when you look back! Be proud of yourself that you've overcome the 1st day (nearly!!!)!

    Good luck for the coming week - just think by the time I come back from Cornwall (I'm off next week and back on Sunday 27th) you'll have done over a week!!! Yey! :)

    Sarah x
  20. jazzy

    jazzy Regular Member

    Well done Lorraine, your doing great.

    I can only confirm what everyone has already said... get through the first few days, drink the water and wait and see your first weigh in results. You will feel so proud of yourself.

    I started CD in the middle of March and on day 3 I was almost climbing the walls. I was even dreaming about food, but perserverance(?) paid off and now I have lost 8st and 1lb. It is so worth it.

    You can do it!!

    Jazzy xx
  21. Ivy

    Ivy Silver Member

    The first few days are the hardest for a number of reasons - Ketosis being the main one but also in my opinion because you have just started its very easy to say - well, i am not in ketosis yet, so one more day wont hurt - just one more more packet of crisps etc etc

    for me thats where the problem lies in the first few days...

    Once the weight starts falling off its harder to cheat...because you are doing so well etc

    The first few days you cant see a major difference...hence its easier to fall into my trap of 'tomorrow'

    But keep on sipping the water, taking the packs, once the weight starts falling off, you will feel fanatastic and less likely to feel so bad about giving up food for awhile.

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