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I was wondering if there were any people out there who were or are on the ss journey for quite a haul. I am in my second week, and had a great 1st WI- 11 pounds gone...but today I feel a bit impatient and want it ALL off NOW! I don't mind the shakes etc, and I have got through the mental blips-it's just the thought of having to feel this negatively about myself for quite a bit longer.
I feel good about the loss-I still look and feel the same though, and am upset that I still feel like the ugly heffalump..:sigh:
How have other people got through this? Is there any trick? We don't have cbt to fall back on like LL and I am wondering how others get through it.
Thanks. x
ps: now I have the Take That song stuck in my head 'cause of thread title!! hehe:D
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Hi Daydreambeliever,
I am quite definitely here for the long haul...I started 15 weeks ago at 22 stone 10 & 3/4 lb......I now weigh 17 stone 13 & 3/4 pounds and am just 3 lb away from my 5 stone mark. Not bad in 15 weeks I feel....if that doesn't keep a person motivated to lose more then I don't really know what will!!!! The more you lose the better you feel about yourself both mentally and physically and when you start to see your body change shape it is the best feeling in the world. Fitting into smaller clothes and being paid untold compliments is such a buzz. I no longer think about how much longer is this gonna take...I just think about being healthy and keep saying to myself...this is not going to be forever and all the things I want to eat will still be there in the future...they are not going to go away. It took almost a lifetime to get this big so what is 6 or 9 months in a lifetime to get rid of a lifetimes over indulgence. Its nothing. Just think positive...stay strong and tell yourself everyday that you CAN do this and you will succeed. Just keep your head in the right place and don't look back. Wishing you the best of luck on your CD journey!!


wannabe yummy mummy
Hiya the girls in the sunshine group all started with at least 6 stone to lose, many of us much more. I've now lost over 5st and have about 5 to go but I'm doing it with their support. Come and say hi, we're a really friendly group :) Best of luck on your CD journey.

Sometimes when I get impatient I have to remember that the weight didn't go on overnight and it's not gonna come off overnight either. Doing CD is one of the fastest ways you can lose weight safely. How long would it have taken you to lose 11lbs on Weight Watchers? Let alone get to goal! But on CD you'll be there in a matter of months :D Stay positive!
Hi there, yes im in it for the long haul, stupidly fell off the wagon in the six weeks holidays but on day two now, cant not do this diet now for my health so im looking forward to the future and being a slimmer me. My lovely butterflies have taken me back into the group and im looking forward to shedding the weight.

You can totally do it, I had to come off it with my job as was on trips every day in the holidays, but now i have no excuse, its easy it makes you feel good, the results show up quickly and that makes you feel better, good luck with your journey xxx
Thank you all so much!
I think I am going to have these feelings pop up intermittedly, and had better just get used to it!! I really do feel it's now or never-so that means NOW!! Keep me posted on your journeys-I shall look out for you all. Thanks again. DDB. X
Feel free to chat in the butterflies thread too, also we have mini challenges going on all over the boards, we have just set a Christmas one which ive just joined. Good luck though and when your fed up or have doubts read the boards and look at the inspiration piccies they are fab.

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