Paul Mackenna - I can make you thin?


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Hey Pretika, Ive listened to it a few times but it always puts me to sleep lol

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Lol @ Kunster. I tried it but basically his 5(?) tips for slimming are common sense. I can't remember them all now; savour your food, eat slowly so your body recognises when its full........

I think I lent them to someone and never got them back, but its sound advice - its what my mother has said to me for 30+ years its just I never listened!


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My only issue with it is that it says "I can make you thin", the reality is "You can make you thin" as you are the expert of you, not someone at the end of a CD :)


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I've read it and it makes sense, I don't think for me it would work on its own. I don't listen to the CD but the principles in the book are worth a quick read, although they're not rocket science.

Also however much I read it, I still can't reconcile myself to his tip of never finishing what's on your plate... sure if you've accidentally served too much, but just putting less on your plate is a much better way to go!

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I've tried it and I think it's a very good read and I agree with the principles. I just found it so hard to follow the guidelines about eating slowly, I managed it for a few weeks, but everything was cold by the time I finished lol. Another good one is "You can be thin" by Marissa Peer, it really addresses the reasons that we have got to where we are and how to reslolve it for ever.


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I've tried both Paul McKenna and Marisa Peer. They are basically common sense, but are worth a read to confirm what you already know. There's a section in Marisa Peer's book on language which is particularly good.
I found that neither hypnosis CDs worked for me.


My mum tried the Paul Mackenna one a few months back.
Listened to the CD for about a week, found it dull and boring, stopped reading the book as (others have said) it's really just common sense, hopped on the scales at the end of the week and gained 3lbs.

CDs and book went in the bin.

IMO hypnosis is a load of bull.
you might as well tell someone they can "Dream themselves Slim".

I've always seen these types of CD's and books as being aimed at the people who think they want to lose weight, but are not really (mentally) commited to it - they just want to read the book then wake up 20lbs lighter.

Weightloss is a fight, a mental battle, between the old you's eating habits and emotional-food depandancies, and the new you's strength and force of will to change yourself into something better.

If you're not 100% mentally commited, you'll fail.

just my opinion, but a strong one :)
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Ive got a Paul Mckenna CD called easy weight loss and I really like it!

Whenever I listen to it, it really helps me. Cant explain why but it just kind of reinforces everything and makes me want to try harder and not give up! Gives me extra motivation to succeed :)



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I have the book and CD, bought them about 2 years ago. Have read the book several times and I just can't put it into practice.:( I would love to because it just makes so much sense. It's the way we were programmed to eat. I still listen to the CD occasionally and sometimes it helps me to relax and sleep.

Also bought Marisa Peer earlier this year and while she too makes sense I can't seem to follow her advice either lol.