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Paul McKenna after RTM

I dont know if many of you watched the show on TV where Paul McKenna goes against the whole dieting and eating ethos and says you can eat whatever you want in moderation and slowly. So you chew your food 20 times before swallowing.

This way he claims you can have burgers and all the forbidden foods. He teaches that eating consciously and not to the point where you are bursting is key.

I just wanted to hear your ideas on this, It sounds good in theory but is it really the way to maintain your weight??
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I watched him last night when it was about exercise and I think where he is coming from is you can eat anything in moderation and as long as you are active and do enough exercise then you will be okay. I agree with this. The key is moderation. There is no reason why you can't have a burger once a week as long as you are active enough to burn off the excess.

Although I don't think I could listen to his show for more than 30 mins - his voice was doing my head in.... :mad:

lol, i would agree he is very monotonous. I dont think he meant once a week though, he literally said eat what you want when you want.

What amused me though was that diet chef had an advert shown during his show lol
I don't know enough about him but any way you become consciously aware of what you are eating as opposed to eating without thinking about it is going to help.

Also I know I have my trigger foods that I need to avoid. If I have one, I want the packet and that's not changed post LL. I need to stay actively aware to avoid these foods because they aren't good choices for me.
See im a great believer in being able to eat what you like. provided you are active, if you exercise and put on muscle mass your metabolism increases and you can naturally take more calories. Of course that does not mean you can eat excessively it just means that you are balanced between exercise and eating proportionally
It makes sense - take your time over eating and enjoy in moderation plus exercise
If you burn off more than put in will lose
Im only on day 3 of Ll but I take my time over soup and enjoy as best I can
I love Nandos but on reflection used to wolf food down like i had not eaten for weeks

Good luck

Hi H

I saw a hypnotist year before last who also used CBT and TA, and that was his method as well - to eat intuitively, never say you are on a diet, and eat what you want.

And I am now here.

Do the math! ;) :)

Id did not work for me, though it does for some. It might now - without 10 stone on my back - but then, its like telling an alcoholic - drink what you like in moderation only. Yeah. Thats gonna hapen!! LOL

I tried to watch his show but when I saw him going that path I switched off.
ok so quiet clearly we can add McKenna to the scrap heap lol. he just defied logic to me. Im so going to eat like a saint when im done. I want to carry on being able to buy cloths off the hanger and not worry about them running out of my size
ok so quiet clearly we can add McKenna to the scrap heap lol. he just defied logic to me. Im so going to eat like a saint when im done. I want to carry on being able to buy cloths off the hanger and not worry about them running out of my size
Chances are H, that is allou will want - is sensible food.

I was so surprised during abstainance to find that when I did craze something - it was generaly fruit, or veg - soemthing healthy - certainly not what I expected to miss or crave.

I felt with the absence of food for so long, when I craved something healthy that was probably my body telling me what IT wanted. (Thats kind of along the lines of what McKenna is saying I think).

Anyway - I have benn pleasantly surprised, that after all is said and done - I have not craved any of the rubbish I used to eat. Its been over 3 months since I started on fod again, and I still feel that way.

When I get hungry I crave nutritious stuff. Its amazing! And very very nice! :)

I think we really and truly break the mental connection to certain foods through this process - it is as if our tastebud - memory - corrolation is all deleted, wiped clean, and then re-formatted.

lol - I've been de-fragged and scrubbed! :D


Making it all add up
lol - I've been de-fragged and scrubbed! :D
There's a joke there somewhere BL lol


Do a little dance!
I thought you said de-fraggled then. Gave me a very amusing image!


LighterLife Returner
I have the "I can make you thin" books and the journal of the same name, and my opinion is that its very good stuff!!

I didn't see the stuff on TV that you are referring to, so I don't know if it is exactly what is in the book or not..

To be fair, He recommends you excercise and drink water. He also talks about lapsing and what to do about it - there is a lot of stuff that is similar to LL. With regards to eating what you want - he claims that: his experience has shown that people will naturally choose a balanced diet, when all the options are open to you (paraphrase).

The reason he talks about eating 'what you want' is that you are not in the 'Child' or 'Parent' ego state - feeling guilty about breaking your 'diet' - there is no diet, there is not forbidden foods, therfore you are taking responsibility in the 'Adult' child state... that's if you translate it into LL terms...

If it wasn't for the Paul McKenna stuff, I probably wouldn't have even discovered the psycological sde to my eating disorder when I did, and would probably not have found LL when I did either...

All in all, I recommend the books (the CD is a bit cheesy), the the "Success Journal" is a lot like the Food and Mood , and activity diaries we have in RTM.


LighterLife Returner
The reason I think the Paul McKenna stuff didn't work for me for more than 2 months was that I lost hope that i would ever lose 8 and a half stone in anything less than 10 years! so I just got depressed about that and made me fall off the wagon... But that is where LL comes in! It solves the rapid weight loss challenge, and has a superior (in my opinion) counselling and training to managing healthy eating in the future...

I still read the Paul McKenna stuff now and then, as well as the Gillian Riley book on overeating...


LighterLife Returner
And when you think about it - you can eat what you want - seriously! I'm in RTM week 8, and in 5 weeks time I will be 'Allowed' to eat anything I choose... just like a normal person (yay!) :) so even LL is telling me I can eat what i want - so long as it is after the programme, and as long I I take responsibility for my own health and eating behaviour.

The crucial things i have learned personally from LL is that:
It's never too late - don't despair , you can carry on healthy eating.
You are responsible for your own health and eating - be an 'Adult' and enjoy your food, you can because you are in control...

and countless others!

and, RTM has definately taught me about new foods - I'm really enjoying a nice healthy diet, I don't feel deprived, and I actually CHOOSE to have these things - (I'm so happy !)



LighterLife Returner
And that's exactly my point - I take responsibility for my own health by not eating triggery foods. All the best to you MM. :)

Cool, good point - I agree completely. I already suspect my triggers, but If they are indeed confirmed as triggers during these last few weeks of RTM, i will take a similarly reposnsible approach to them :) glad its going well!


Fighting Demons....
I've had that Paul McKenna thing on series link on my Sky+. I think it's bloody genius! Dunno how it would work as a "diet" like if I was still a size 26, I doubt I could stick to it!!!
There are several episodes to the series though, and I think I need to see the whole series before I could decide for sure. However, I can say that the "tapping" techniques for stopping constantly thinking about the purple wrappers is working for me!
Ooh, and the thing he did with the other day with knocking out cravings by teaching your brain to relate that food to a feeling of disgust, that was quite interesting too.
There are definitely aspects of what he says that I will take with me when I go on to maintaining.
Just wish that Paul McKenna was slightly less cringey!!

B x


Gone fishing
I think the PmcK system, like all intuitive systems sound fine in theory, but always come with conditions.

Many years ago I bought the book "Diets don't work". Read the front cover, decided it was for me, and when I put on a few stone, decided I'd start reading the inside too:D

Since reaching goal, I've condensed it all.

Eat what you like, but make sure that what you like is mainly the healthy stuff ;)

Never diet again (well, I can't because it contraindicates my eating disorder - fact)

Eat in moderation - but not always as then you'll feel deprived

Use logic. If you didn't eat in moderation, you need to be careful after.

Exercise as much as you want - but make sure it's a lot :D

Always do the type of exercise you love, and if you don't love it, find another type you love, and if you still don't love it....do it anyway.

Don't bank on loving the healthy stuff only forever especially when in the 'honeymoon' period but enjoy it while you can (hope this continues for BL )

Never eat mindlessly. You wanted...you've got...now enjoy it :)

Proceed with caution. Whatever plan you decide to do, do it properly and watch the scales.

Never, ever let a small gain become a big gain. Nip it in the bud, even if you feel crap.

When you feel you don't care anyway - CARE, because you may care the next day when you hop on the scales.

So that's my top tips for today :)


Gone fishing
Thanks. To my surprise, it's my behaviours that are actually MUCH bigger triggers than the foods. I knew there was some difference between the two but not as much as I expected.
I'll go with that :)

In fact, I'm very cautious of labelling any foods 'trigger' foods, but this might not be the case for anyone without food issues as I have had.

I had to 'work through' each of my trigger foods one by one to learn how to deal with them.
Totally BL, i feel that way too i dont actually crave junk food that much i really do just want to have healthy food. on occassion i would fancy a bit of pizza but maybe just a slice and some salad with it whereas before i would eat that and more.... stopping now before we erupt into talking about food :)

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