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Paul Mckenna hypnosis

Hi I think this is the appropriate forum for and have copied this over from other diets forum as wanted to know if anyone is following Paul Mckennas I can make you thin app on the iPhone. I used to have this, but only read and used it a couple of times years ago, so did'nt really give it a chance. That was the book and cd then. The app seems quite good, and I am going to listen to the trance tonight for the 1st time. Have been reading the other bits on it today though, and have tried the emotional eating techniques, and craving buster. Did the craving buster on my love of chocolate. Think it worked, as I tried to finish off my daughters choc custard, but ended throwing it away. Kept thinking and feeling that I was eating chocolate, mixed up with fish, hair and spit Yuk!!! I have recently lost 2 and a half stone on a VLCD, then went to juddd, which has made me realise that I have serious issues around food, and will probably pile the weight back on if I don't sort these issues out. I am an emotional eater and turn to food, sweets and chocolate when bored or emotional. I am hoping that this hypnosis will help me. Anyone else on here using hypnosis? Is it working for you, And how is it helping you? Any tips? Should I see a hypnotherapist? However money is an issue for me, so they need to be inexpensive.
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Well day 2 for me, listened to the trance last night, and found it okay. Cannot really comment on whether it is working yet. Last ate yesterday evening about 5 pm, and have not had anything to eat yet as not felt hungry yet. Although I had an options chocolate last night, coffee and water. Normally I would have eaten in the evening and had breakfast now, but I'm trying to listen to my body's signals, and I can honestly say that it has'nt signalled hunger yet, or maybe I don't recognise the hunger signals. It's been so long now that I've allowed myself to feel hungry. On the VLCD diet that I did, I was in ketosis, so did'nt feel hunger. On juddd that I next tried unsuccessfully I just ate because I could, and then struggled to not eat on the down days, a legacy of coming of a VLCD I think. So I am now just checking to see if I feel hungry. Good tip I picked up yesterday through reading through the threads was to set my alarm every 2 hours and check in to see if I'm hungry, so will try that. Interesting to hear from anyone else doing this way of healthy eating. Not allowed to call it a diet, as Paul McKenna is dead against diets and the diet industry. So I won't be combining this with dieting, just following the 4 simple rules: 1) Eat when hungry 2) Eat what I want 3) Eat consciously 4) Stop when full And also using techniques for emotional eating and craving buster
Weigh in day is Wednesdays, and my starting weight on this is 10.9. Going to have breakfast in a minute, and fancy peanut butter on toast and a caffe latte. Next goal is to eat consciously, and leave some food on the plate when full. That will be the hardest for me, leaving food. Another tip picked up by someone on here was to eat a quarter, wait 10 mins to see how your body feels, is it full, if not eat another quarter and so on. This is going to be a long breakfast!
Did the gastric band hypnosis last night. Ate a banana and toast afterwards and had heartburn. Had a bowl of Cheerios this morning, and felt immediately full. Had heartburn and feeling of fullness for over 2 hours. Still have it at moment. Will eat less when hungry later. Definately works.
10.8 today so have lost a lb. Definately working being in tune with body's hunger signals. Also enjoying my food. Not much on this forum regarding Paul McKenna so may have to leave this site, as have found another site with more going on.


walk walk walk
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hi missmiff
on the wemitts part of this forum as used this and wow she as done brill great results i am also going to try it today im reading the book now x

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