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Paul Mckenna "I can make you thin"


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I watched this show whilst making my tea (diet coke chicken stirfry and rice, yum) and decided to adopt his 4 golden rules when eating ( of eating when hungry, conciously eating, eat what you want..and..a 4th one I can't remember!)

Basically, I sat down and ate my meal this time not infront of the tv, but at my dining room table, put my fork down after every mouthful and really savoured and tasted my food- Usually I could eat enough portions for 3 people of this meal, but only got halfway through my bowl and I felt stuffed! I felt hungry again 2hrs later so warmed some up i'd left for leftovers and again, felt stuffed after a few mouthfuls!

Obviously SW is fab but i think his 'rules' are a good way to really enjoy your food! Anyone else tried it, or seen the programme? It's currently on living, monday nights
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Yes I think his theory is great and really can work! I've got another book on a similar wavelength called 'Beyond Chocolate' written by 2 sisters who were fed up of yoyo dieting and in their 30s started eating in that way, checking that it was true hunger and not emotional hunger, eating whatever they fancied at the time, sitting down and consiously eating, slowly, chewing and savouring every mouthful then stopping when they were just full but not getting to the stuffed stage! They also do workshops all over Britain, but I think if we could learn to adopt those kinds of habits, combining it with all the Slimming World foods that we're eating, we'll banish the bad habits forever!! Check out/Google Beyond Chocolate!X


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I have his book and CD, and it does work.
I only eat when I am hungry now and it works for me. When I was constantly eating, even though it was free foods and lots of fruit my weight loss was smaller.


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I read the book a few years ago and the principles are sound. However, the most useful part for me was the hypnotising CD in the back. It is the perfect remedy for insomnia. I would put it on and be snoring within a minute or two! I must find it out again....
I did the same thing on a Sunday - big pile of SW Roast Dinner and made an effort to put the knife and fork down and enjoy every mouthful and I left almost half the plate because I was full!! Normally I can easily polish off a full plate and then suffer that feeling of having eaten too much.

Got it recording on Sky Plus as it's repeating on Living at the moment :) I never thought I would see the day I left food :)

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