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Paul mckenna - I can make you thin


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Hi All

I was just wondering if anyone had actually tried Paul Mckenna's system? I have had to come off Cambridge Diet because i have been made redundant from work and can't afford it anymore.

I have bought the book and got a cd with it, I am going to start the system today (have read the whole book) i was just wondering if anyone on here had tried it and lost weight.
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Deb G

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I tried it - it didn't make me thin.

Luckily, I found LL since then, and the work we do in counselling has made more of an impression on me than anything Paul McKenna said.
Hi there. Congrats on your weightloss. There's more about pmk on intuitive eating board. I love the cd, it's very relaxing. I'm reading a similar book now by marissa peer which also has a cd.
i have the paul mckenna book. didnt really do much for me, the whole thing of putting your folk down and taking your times kinda a good idea because you actually realise when your full but other than that didnt do that much. other people have used it and had great results tho, so maybe its just me. i had his confidence cd a few yrs ago and that worked a treat though :)
I've been using the CD since Thursday and have noticed a huge difference, I started using it whilst I'm waiting to go for hypnotherapy (which is now tomorrow). It wasn't always handy to lie down at home with all the running about I do, so I burned the CD onto my MP3 player which means whenever I've got a spare 25 mins I can relax and listen to it then, the kids know if they see me with MP3 on in the house not to interrupt me unless its an emergency. After Sam's thread I'm hoping for good things, hope you find what is right for you.


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have a look at this cause it has fab reviews on amazon and also has a hypnosis cd:

Amazon.co.uk: You Can Be Thin: The Ultimate Programme to End Dieting... Forever: Marisa Peer: Books
thanks for the thread slushy, I will read it now, I have the i can make you thin book, the 90 day success book and i bought a cd aswell (i also have the cd that comes with the i can make you thin book) I have noticed that i actually know when i am full now, and yesterday i put a size 14 skirt on and it was really big around the waist, so i am hoping something is happening. In the book it says not to weigh yourself for 2 weeks, i have another week and 3 days to go.


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I adore the Paul McKenna book and CD - I've never read all the book but it really helped me to deal with wanted to eat even though I wasn't actually hungrey when SSing. Good luck to you Nessa hon!
I have been reading this book for the past week or so but actually put it into practise the past two days. i am so concious of listening to my body now and i am really enjoying it.
I came off CD a few weeks ago and tried to restart it without any success. I didn't want to fall into the continuous restarting trap so gave this a shot.
I will report back in two weeks time when i weigh myself so for now i will reserve judgement xx


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Worked well for me......check out my photos best bit of all is I have managed to keep the weight off. Never done that before with any diet !!!

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