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Starting again!!
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What's a physalis? I know all the other fruits but rarely buy anything new as I never know what to do with them/how to prepare them (not keen on mango whole - has to go into a fruit salad!)


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I agree with Circes, I slice in half lengthways, scoop out the seeds, then slice into wedges and carefully slice off the skin. Then chop and eat!


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Why is it I came on here to ask the question but didnt think to google it?!
That is brill, thank you Circes.

I must say that I didnt think it would be like that!!


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Evening All!

Went to the shop earlier to for a treat and bought lots of fruit I wouldn't normally.

I got a mango, physalis, passion fruits and paw paw.

I know how to prepare all the fruits except the paw paw.
Can anyone help?!
I have paw paw growing in my garden(i live in Africa)and this is how i prepare it.
You wash the outside, cut down the middle and scoop out any seeds. then gently take of a thin layer where the seeds have been,
sprinkle with lime juice and enjoy.
Paw paw is very good for stomach problems and for the digestive system. The leaves of the tree are used as a meat tenderizer.
Sending some sunshine


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Paw paw is a bit like a cross between a mango and banana in taste. It is high in carbs and protein compared to other fruit.

I like it sliced, then topped with vanilla yoghurt, and then 4 tablespoons of light squirty cream on top (for 1 syn).

Is like a fruit sundae and yummy. You could do a tropical fruit salad topped the same if you have other fruits to use.
Paw Paw is the same thing as Papaya - main thing to remember is that it should be nice and ripe (squeeze it gently like you would an avocado). If it isn't, then leave it for a couple of days.

I sometimes get them cheaper in supermarkets when according to them they are overripe and according to me they are just perfect!!

It is lovely in a fruit salad - it is such a nice colour. I particularly like it with lime juice squeezed onto it and topped with total yogurt.


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Thanks guys. Just to clarify... do I eat the skin or just the flesh on the inside?

I am snowed in today and so think I will have a yummy tropical salad mid afternoon.