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  1. mariacarr1992

    mariacarr1992 Full Member

    I have pcos and i've been given weight loss tablets from the doctors to help me lose weight
    I am starting lipotrim tommorow which is a total no food diet, you have 3 milkshake things. I was just wondering if its safe to take lipotrim and the tablets at the same time x
    Maria x
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  3. LizB

    LizB Full Member

    What tablets has your doctor put you on? It's difficult to say whether you can take them or not without knowing what they are as they all work in different ways. I would probably say no you can't just to be safe.

    Good luck,
    Liz x

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  4. Janey1985

    Janey1985 Member

    Hi Girls

    Just wondering if anyone could help me?

    I have PCOS, Diagnosed 2004 ages 18, only throgh bloods though no ultrsounds or anything but I have textbook PCOS. Extra weight, hair growth, hair loss on scalp, depression (to an extent) you name it!

    However, I have lost nearly 4 stones following a low GI Diet. My periods have been more regular than they have ever been to be fair however I feel I need to now address my PCOS, as before I was more or less told to come back when I wanted a baby. I dont want a baby at the moment however would like to try and get my symptoms under control and possibly regulate my cycle. Something scares me about going to the Dr :( Sad I know but it does!

    Can anyone give me any advice? What meds I should be asking for? If the pill may help??

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks Jane xx

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