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pcos and a baby

i just thought id share this here, i thought it might give some other people a bit of hope if they are struggling to conceive.

i am 26 and i had been trying for a baby for 3 yrs. i have pretty bad pcos and an arcuate uterus .... basically meant it was 99.8 unlikely to carry/conceive.
i had had 4 operations, in and out of hospital so in the end we gave up.... no point trying for something that wont happen and if it does wont work out.
i went on the cambridge diet as i was planning our wedding and had it all booked for lapland in dec'10. so about 5 weeks in i had lost 2.5st and doing well started getting amazingly hungry on it. by chance my gp did a routine pregnancy test and we found out we were expecting! we did 25 home tests just to double check!
no problems with the pregnancy and a 3.5 hr labour. i have put back on the weight but i have just start cambridge diet again and my pcos symptoms have improved amazingly!

it can be done! and the 2 biggest things i did to get pregnant was stop worrying about it... and i lost a little weight. i know its always easier said then done and it doesnt work for everyone but i just thought id share this with you guys xx
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wow, what a lovely story (apart from the surgery) its nice to know that women like us can conceive. We have been trying for 4 years but i am very very over weight, so it is highly unlikley that at the weight i am now that i will catch, BUT im sure that if i lose what i need then i will be a mum one day. Doctor sais if i get my BMI under 30 he will prescribe me clomid. x x
aww thats great! i know its soo hard to lose weight with all the hormone inbalnce but even a slight weight drop kicks starts everything! eep! good luck you can do it!!
Congratulations :) It's nice to hear a positive story like this.

My GP just told me last week, that, due to my PCOS, that if I ever want to have a baby, I need to have had one within the next three years (i.e. before I am 32) if it's going to happen at all. It's just an impossibility right now and harder to know that my time is running out and not really have a choice in the matter.

Well done you though - t's good to hear that it can work out!
brownie huge loves to you, it can be done pcos is such a fickle thing there are alot of supplements that can help balance hormones and kick start things. i think the biggest thing that help me was that i shifted my attention to weight loss and wedding and didnt give babys a second thought as i thought it would just never happen... and well.. he arrived on what was ment to be my wedding day! huge positive thoughts going for you xxxxxx


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This has given me a little hope! Ive had serious PCOS since i was 14, with every symptom to an extreme, now im about to be married and desperate for a child, im 28 and feel like if it doesnt happen soon it never will.
So im now just concentate on the weightloss and getting my BMI under 30...you girls have left me a little less worried :)
Aww Gemma huge hugs!! I have very much been there (still am really) it can happen I foun planning my wedding and diet worked (baby was born on what was meant to be our wedding day!) shifting the attention to weightloss an other things really help baby making even without complications couples who stress soo much about having babies normally end up having trouble. Stay positive and keep strong it will happen xxxx
That a nice message vonpeeky.

Like i said before im just going to focus on loosing my weight now and then when the time comes that i have lost the amount i need im going straight to the docs. xxx
aww big loves girls , and tracey, i bet u and cup of tea when your weight hits a certain range you wont need the drs help... :) xxx


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Well when MY weight reaches a certain range, I marching into the Dr's screaming "make me a mummy!"...makes you sick does'nt it, so many young women that conceive almost instantly, completley unprepared and in some cases unappreciative...Then you have got this huge amount of ladies with difficulties such as ours who have had to and are still having to work so hard for just a glimmer of hope :( Oh well i will get there, and when i do im going to do the best job of it in the whole world :) xx
You will be a fantastic yummy mummy with a very lucky bump :) it can and will happen :) positivity is the key :) xxx


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oh i hope so!! , thankyou for your nice words, i am positive, sometimes though as a woman you just want to put your face in the pillow and scream at how unfair mother nature is..i have a WONDERFUL Husband to be that so deserves to be a dad....anyway...must go find my trainers for the morning...moff pwer walking on the beach! x
morning vonpeeky,

Im hoping your right about not needing to go to the doctors when i get down to my goal weight. I will still however have that cuppa, lol! ;)

Also, moring Gemma,
Its helped me a lot coming on here to talk about how i feel, i usually just bottle every thing up until i feel i want to explode. Im in the same boat as you and feel exactly the same when it comes to young adults having children that they dont want and sometimes dont even care about. Im focusing on loosing my weight at the moment and when i reach my target weight i am heading straight for the doctors, lol! x


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Morning Tracey,

I think thats the only way, i'm not going back now until i am within a healthy BMI group, you just dont taken seriousley..however having said that i notice your target BMI is 23? the last time i went to the docs mine was 32 and was told the max they would refer to fertility clinic is 30 (nearer than 23)...ive put on about 4 stone since then mind, but you're not far off being able to walk into that doctors being able to say "Im within guidelines, I have a right to be a mummy and i have a right to your help...now...thankyou please" :) xx
Hi gemma

I put down when i joined this website the weight i would like to be instead of my goal weight with a bmi of 30.

I got told i needed a bmi of 30 so i could be refered to a place called the centre of life to get ivf. The only thing stopping me is loosing this weight, if i focus on loosing this weight then it might happen a lot quicker than sitting there every day saying to myself ill start my diet tomorrow.
Hey ladies! It worries me slightly that ur drs first choice is ivf have they spoken to u about other options like clomid (I think that's spelt right) it's a drug that makes u ovulate like a super hero? If u still see a consultant for your PCOS u should speak to them about it. Alot less painful and intrusive! :) it might be worth talking to some one about all the possible options :) I've also heard hypnotherapy can help to!
I hope everyone's having a fab week :) xx
Hi vonpeeky

Hope you are well...

No the doc has never discussed clomid, never heard of it before. When i get my weight down maybe i should ask him if he prescribe it for me to at least have a try. xxx

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