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pcos and green days

i have seen some comments about PCOS and carboydrates and would like some advice. I am a veggie so only do green days, sticking to it 100%-I love my carbs!! Does this mean that my weight loss is likely to be slower? It is slow, but i am just glad it is going down, but should I be restricting my carbs due to pcos?
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I have the cysts without the syndrome. I only do green days and I lost a steady amount when I started (slowed down now but that's my fault!) I was told by my doctor that losing weight would be difficult but did it anyway!


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I've never heard of carbs being any worse for us with PCOS, have I missed something? I live off carbs and it doesn't have an adverse effect


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Pcos has something to do with your insulin balance I believe - I have it and have struggled to lose weight - I do find red days give me better losses...green days work - but only if I am careful with my portion sizes....if I stuff myself on pasta i find i get a sts....its a fine balance i think!
Thanks Marie, That is what i am finding as I do have large portions (that how I got to this weight!! Lol), so I will take a look at this and see if I can reduce a little without losing motivation.


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i eat loads on a green day and still lose weight so i wouldn worry bout it
I have insulin resistance and pcos. I cant lose on green if I have lots of rice and pasta and little veg. I do mix2max for this reason and do alot of roasts etc. Being veggie and having pcos must be difficult to limit the carbs. Can you use other protien substitutes such as quorn, cottage cheese, eggs etc and fill up well on the fruit veg, yougurts and going slightly easy on the rice, pasta, high carb stuff. I have tried green but have to watch the amounts of rice, pasta and pots and not go to mad but have moderate portions of them.

Hope this helps
Hi princess sausage (love the name! lol), I think I will do as you have suggested as I do eat a lot of potatos and pasta and though I feel much healthier and losing weight, I do feel I could lose a little quicker-worth a try! can i ask are you on metformin, as this has been suggested? Many thanks for any help Tracey
Hi Tracey...I took metformin for a while but really couldn't get on with it....it made me feel very ill.....shaky, light headed, tired....its the same thing my mum takes and she is type 2 diabetic so I think thats why it is supposed to help with the insulin issues....I don't really understand it very well to be honest!!!!!!!!
Thanks Marie, i have heard so many differing views and I am now totally confused-like all things there are two sides. Thanks for you help x
I have been prescribed metformin several times but I dont tolerate it well and it gives me an upset tummy and nausea. It should only be prescribed by a consultant as it is not licensed for use with pcos. I have fasting blood sugars and glucose tolerance test every three months and it's always better when I have been sensible eating carbs. The other thing I find and is common if you have insulin resistance is if I eat alot of carbs, especially potaotes, rice and pasta the I feel really hungry, even if I have eaten a substantial amount but if I make sure I have a decent amount of protien with the meal I am less hungry. A Dr once told me this was to do with the pcos and insulin resistance and was a sugar surge as basically insulin stimulates apitite and if you have a meal with lots of carbs, then you will have more inslin floating round to deal with it and you will have sugar/insulin peaks and troughs and so using protien and low gi carbs can help.
I don't have PCOS so no help on that side but I have always had good losses (though I no longer go to the classes) with mostly green days. I try to have a few red days a week but I find it difficult as I love pasta so much! As long as the weight is coming off I would not worry xx
Ditto what Princess Sausage said. I have pcos and insulin resistence , I've been on metformin a couple of times but really struggled with the side effects so gave it up. I do 3 green days a week but I always use brown rice and wholewheat pasta and try balance my meals up with lots of pulses. Also my consultant told me to have lots of small meals during the day instead of 3 big meals . It helps to keep my blood sugars level and never let yourself get very very hungry.
I am the same as Princess Sausage, I have pcos and insulin resistence. I find that my losses are much better on red days and rarely have a green day. I read somewhere that people who suffer from PCOS don't tolerate carbs as well as someone who doesn't and also that a higher proportion turns to sugar than it would in a non PCOS person. I don't really understand it hugely but red days seem to work best for me. Good luck with everything. SW is a great diet for PCOS sufferers and everyone come to think of it. I have had a few shakey weeks due to one thing or another but am back on track now! xxx


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I am newly diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance. I am on green days only and have lost 3.5lb in 2 weeks. Slow and steady wins the race!:D
couldn't agree with you more hon, and on green days i don't always fill up on pasta cause it bloats me if you make a curry with quern chick pieces from one of the bags and no rice it's perfectly slimming hon XX

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