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Fighting for My Health
I have that and my results are in my signature :)
I find it's def the best sort of diet for me to get good weight loss. I still tend to lose rather slowly though, but not as slowly as on conventional diets which are usually half to 1lb a week :-/

Thanks Jayne, i feel better now ive seen you having a good weight loss. I'm on day 6 now, first weigh in friday and from what i can see i'm on track to lose about 7 - 8 lbs. dont get me wrong this is great but in comparison to the 10 + lbs most people seem to be losing in week 1 i felt a little dissapointed. I've done a lot of reading on PCOS and weight loss and so i do expect my losses to be a bit slower than average. All loss is good loss tho ay?! :)

Thanks again.

JB xxxx

and yes i have it too, and my weight loss has been good. alot of people lose around 7lbs their 1st week so i wouldnt say your loss is slow. on average people lose a stone a month with their first month losing a bit more so your doing great!!! :D
Thanks Becca, i just keep seeming to see people losing massive amounts in week 1 and i was kinda hoping for the same thing. I will be really happy if i can lose a stone a month, 4 months and i will be at my goal :) i guess i just have to keep reminding myself that we are all different and lose at diff rate, sometimes i put a bit too much pressure on myself. Lol. Cheers girls i appreciate your advice xxx
JB the people with really huge losses tend to be an awful lot heavier than you are to start with so it's all relative. You appear to have your head in a sensible place, if you know what I mean, so I'm sure that you will be fine.

Good luck x
good luck with weigh in chick i also have pcos and have found this diet great x x


Fighting for My Health
I'm sure you'll have a great weight loss come Fri. PCOS definitely makes it harder going for us long term though! Good luck :) xx
Jellybelly2609 said:
Thanks Sandra, i guess you are right on that one. I'll be happy as long as its a loss on friday :) and im in it to win so im staying positive. Xxx
Good luck for your weigh in on friday you'll be pleasantly surprised, keep up with ya water, keep the head aches at bay xx
I have pcos, and this is the only diet that has ever worked for me. Have lost 16lbs in 4 weeks, yeah its slower than everyone else but at least it shifting.
Sera-Marie thats a great loss, i will be well chuffed if i lose that in 4 weeks. First weigh in was today 7.5lbs loss, very chuffed with that. If i keep it up i should be well on my way to a stone a month. :) xxxx


Fighting for My Health
Fab loss, well done! :D
Bloody hell woman! Ovaries schmovaries. I would have peed my pants if i had that loss in the first week! Good for u! X x
Well done on wk1 loss!!
I too have PCOS and you can see my results below. Slower than most but would never in a million years lost that without LT. Good luck x

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Fighting for My Health
Jewel, your losses are really good, and I wouldn't say slow at all. Doing really well :) xx
I cant see your losses as im on my phone ??? What ever they are the fact that they are losses is fantastic. I will be happy as long as each week its a loss. I suffer really bad with my hormones and often Comfort eat because of my moods and as we know with pcos everything is basically stored straight as fat...its a bloody vicious circle. But since ive been exercising at the gym i dont feel the mood swings as much and feel in a better frame of mind hence why im coping with the diet. :) not sure is it scientific or psychologic but its working so im sticking with it. :) :) :) i like my new pcos friends, ;) not many people understand all the different side effects of pcos and how it makes you feel so its nice to have some people in the same boat as me
For support. Keep up the fab work girls xxxx

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