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PCOS Rant :0(


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Hi everyone,

Thought here would be the best place to let off steam about how I feel at the moment.

I was diagnosed in 2000 at a private hospital with PCOS after the NHS told me I didnt have it!, followed by a diagnosis for an underactive thyroid in 2002 (majorly underactive) and this made me understand why, at the time I weighed so much and couldn't shift it:confused:.

I went on last June to get to goal and lost over 10 stone with WW in 16 months:D with sheer determination and being on plan 100% the whole time, then over the last year I have put 25 lb on:eek: but am now in the throws of trying to get it off again before Xmas.

A few weeks ago I started collapsing having massive abdominal pains which my GP thought was appendicitis. 2 scans later and my ovaries are "bulky" and "weighed down" with cysts, i.e. cysts on cysts, especially the left which has me in massive pain everyday not least to mention the hot & cold, mood swings, nausea etc. 8 years later and the NHS say "yes you have had PCOS all this time" :sigh:brilliant, thanks.

The pain is awful, I can actually "feel" my ovaries and can pinpoint exactly where they are as thats where the pain is....especially the left which was always the problem one.

So, I am now waiting to see a specialist (in the next 7 days) but I know they will say that there is nothing they can do. So looks like I am destined to suffer for the rest of my days. My GP did tell me it was good I didnt want to have children as it would be impossible anyway given the state of my ovaries. Thanks for that nice lady GP!:mad:

Sorry for ranting, and thanks for reading. I feel better for that! :p

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OMG how rude of the gp !! i was recently diagnosed, paid for private ultrasound and it confirmed what i thought i would like children but anyway im new to the concept of pcos so feeling a little raw with things but i am disgusted that someone was like that with you big hugs xx
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Hi Sukibix,

I know exactly how it feels when you can 'see' your ovaries popping out when looking down, and funnily enough my left one does give me more trouble than my right one most of the time. When I was much younger I used to pass out too, but that hasn't happened for years now. Normally I just get the swelling and the pain, sometimes the popping sound and pain!£@%[email protected]£ i could swear its the cysts finally popping. Nausea is also my regular visitor. I hope it gets better for you, like you said there is probably not much they can do, but if they can let me know. :)

I find that lying on my front helps a little with the pain, plus a lot of green tea, no idea what is the connection maybe cause it makes you pee all day long :)

I hope you feel better, and get some helpful advice from the specialist. Please share once you have been.

Hi, I tend to get sharp pains in my ovary area too which have gotten worse as the years have gone on, sometimes I'm doubled up! I went to the doctor and she said " you could be ovulating" but I havnt had a perion in 11 months! I did point this out to her and she said oh its just ovary pain take paracetamol! Hmmmmm coz that's not like taking chalk!!! Lol oh well!! Xx
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I have the same problem and it's always my left it's so bad it sort of winds me and I am doubled over. Is worse when I have been standing for long periods of time. When I saw my gp about it at first he said "oh don't worry it's just the cysts bursting" gee thanks


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sorry to hear your gp was not symphatetic. hope it sorts itself out and you get the help you need
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i was diagnosed when i was 13 (Im 25 now) and after i had an ultrasound to confirm it they pretty much didnt bother with me again, it wasnt until i went to the doctors last year after reading about metformin that i got some helpful answers (off a male doctor), fast forward 2 miscarriages and alot of ovary pain that causes me to vomit i feel that nobody understands what im going through.. All most people know about PCOS is being overly hairy and its so frustrating that the other symptoms are overlooked... Being a hairy female in a world obsessed with perfection is tough but each day is another little struggle and im determined that one day i'll be confident enough to hold my head high and say 'This is a big part of who i am and your acceptance isnt required'

Good luck on your journeys ladies, im so thankful for such support - its very comforting to know im not alone xxx
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Can't the doctors give you surgery or something to remove all the cyst on your ovaries ? Will that help ?
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You should ask them about removing them, my sister in law has pcos like me but her cysts were huge and she wouldnt let them fobb her off. I think if they do not give you what you think you need in terms of treatment then you should ask for a second opninion even at a different hospital.
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alos hellywoowoo - i have had 4 miscarriages but the last one was because i was run down in the train station. it will happen personally for me that time i tried some vitamins for conception had him on them too and then we got pregnant and got to 23+5 weeks. so it can happen, im losing weight first before we try again, i do not think i could cope with another mc. lots of hugs
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Hi Helly I'm in a similar situation, left ovary causes me the most pain.. I've seen about 5 different specialists privately and they all came to the same conclusion - PCOS - but not one of them has offered a permanent solution which is so frustrating.

I was diagnosed at 20 & am now 31 so have had 11+ yrs of chronic pain which as we sufferers know is not fun.. One specialist (older lady) told me I hadn't PCOS I was just lazy & eating too much sugar - sugar levels were tested 3 times a day for 2yrs & no issue so I changed Dr's.

Long story short the majority of the specialists I have seen have all agreed that laparoscopy (keyhole surgery to 'pop' the cysts) is the best option but none will do one til I'm in my late 40's/50's as there's too many risks.

Hopefully if you go private you'll have more luck!
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That's rubbish Sukibix :(

Is popping the cysts as scary as it sounds? o_O
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Ideally i'd rather not have anything surgical done but im fed up of relying on painkillers to help me through - doesnt help my mood much either but luckily have a very sympathic partner who has learnt to ignore me when im in pain/tired from not being able to sleep... I just wish there was an easy option sometimes *sigh* Have been going to slimming world for the past 12 weeks and have lost 3 stone and i honestly expected some kind of relief but nothing as such... I'll get there at some point, just dont want years of being fobbed off so have an appointment 21st of April so fingers crossed they can help me out abit

Thanks for the support tho, its nice to know theres other people who understand (would be nicer if we didnt have to go through it at all!) xx
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I'm with Slimming World since January & have 2 stone lost & I was the same as you in that I thought/hoped the weight loss would relieve the pain - I'm still waiting!

That said I've had healings done & find them great - reiki & Kathara - maybe look at holistic options too.

Hope all goes well for you with your appointment let us know if you get a good outcome.

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