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  1. Orla1973

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    I suppose you could say I'm new to this thread but I felt an introduction might be best as I probably will need help along the way and I know from other threads that this website is very helpful.

    My story so far is I joined slimming world in January 2013 and immediately the weight began to fall off me. As I have PCOS too the weight affected this too in a positive light (my periods became regular the more weight I lost). DH and I felt that summer last year was a good time to ttc and that began in July last year. At that stage I had over 2st lost. While we never got pregnant then, we came very close at one stage and last November I ovulated for the first time ever but no pregnancy followed :sigh:

    We had booked a holiday of a lifetime to New Zealand and Australia so we decided to forget about ttc until we came back from holidays and so that is what we done. Before we left for our holiday, I had bloods taken and while they were at the back of my head I never really thought about them until I got the results back and found out that the ratio of FSH:LH was almost 2:1 this was perfect as this had never happened before so you can imagine I was totally elated.

    We have since started ttc again (I took 14 femara - 7 day 2 and 7 day 3) and I'm waiting for the cm to finish in order to get bloods done and see if I have ovulated. I have another problem though, I have no fallopian tube on my left side and my left ovary is not in its proper place so he said last July that if I ovulated then he would consider surgery to remove this left ovary and this is scheduled on the 2nd April (unless of course I do get pregnant this month).

    The next week or two will be crucial and I'm hoping that the little bit more weight I have lost since November (I gained 13.5Ibs on holidays and I have lost 12.5Ibs of that in a month). He is optimistic that I might actually ovulate myself naturally and he said definitely it was the weight that helped this for sure.

    I'm hoping I will be posting a thread announcing some wonderful and very exciting news in the future (hopefully not too far away)
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  3. Panni

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    Hello, and hope you had a lovely holiday!
    Thats an impressive amount of weight you lost :)
    I had a short try on atkins last year, lost about a stone in fairly short time and noticed my periods got more regular as well, ofc then i went off atkins (i really really love potatoes and bread) and i gained double that, so my periods completely out of wack still, but hoping to see some improvement soon like you done.
    I hope to see some good news from you here soon! Good luck :)
  4. Orla1973

    Orla1973 Gold Member

    Thanks very much Panni, I hope to post good news too, crunch time is coming soon and first to find out whether I ovulated or not on what I'm taking (I'm on femara 14 tabs I took 7 day 2 and 7 day 3). One side effect I notice is my moods are all over the place, I'm a weepy woman at the moment but that apparently is a side effect.

    Thanks for your reply, just making sure this is the best thread to go on for this topic, is that right
  5. Panni

    Panni Full Member

    Aaw, you are allowed to be weepy tho, keeping my fingers crossed for you! :)
  6. Orla1973

    Orla1973 Gold Member

    Thanks Panni, I appreciate that.
  7. Orla1973

    Orla1973 Gold Member

    Today is just a nightmare, I'm looking at inane things and I just want to cry. I reckon it might be due to the fact that I took two cyclogest last night together, when will this stop (hope soon as I'm crying all day)
  8. Nuggett01

    Nuggett01 Member

    hey hun, not sure if it helps but I will tell you my story, we were ttc for 5 yrs and in that time I gradually put on weight... the things I do know are- my bloods at the beginning were 'normal' and I was ovulating and I had a 32-33day cycle. However, when I put on weight, my cycles got longer, ovulation less obvious and my hormone check got worse i.e LH:FSH ratio. I don't know if it stopped me ovulating as I was never tested for that only when I was on clomid- once! (and I ovulated).
    For me, losing weight again made my cycles shorter and ovulation sooner (which is meant to be better for egg quality). That all being said we conceived via IVF, but we also had male issues too. hope this helps. My advice would be.. keep going, im sure even the smallest of changes is helping! :)
  9. lsoz79

    lsoz79 New Member

    Hi, I just wanted to say how helpful i found your post and it also gave me hope. We have been ttc for 5 years now and not long started down the route of treatment. Until recently i was only having a period about every 100 something days and numerous tests are still yet to show if i actually ovulate or not. I have recently lost 2.5 stone and my last period was 33 days which is amazing for me. I am going to continue to lose weight as my husband also has some issues and they wont take anything further until i have lost the required 4 stone, but your story made me feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel xx

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