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Discussion in 'PCOS' started by Princesscharchar, 31 October 2012 Social URL.

  1. Princesscharchar

    Princesscharchar New Member


    i was advised I had PCOS 4 years ago I am currently 25 and weight is just getting me down.

    Only since reading these threads have I realised how much the food I eat effect my weight lost due to PCOS.

    If anyone can give me any tips or advise this would be grat. Thanks mwah x
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  3. elizabethsmum

    elizabethsmum Member

    Hello :) I would reccomend a low carb diet. At the mo I am doing the Cabridge diet its a meal replacement diet and so far 8 weeks in and 1.5 stone down :)
  4. xTami

    xTami Member

    I also recommend a low carb diet, I'm currently following celebrity slim/slimmm and have lost weight quite easily (when I manage to follow it)! When my current shakes run out I plan on using the tesco ultraslim shakes as they have the same amount of carbs as the celebrity slim, even when made up with 250ml of skim milk, and they're considerably cheaper.
    But if you don't feel like a meal replacement is for you try simply eating low carb! Cut out bread, pasta, rice, potato, etc, or swap them for low carb alternatives. A great website is the lowcarbmegastore, particularly their mama lupes low carb tortillas!

    At the end of the day it depends what you think you can handle, meal replacement isn't for everyone, and some people can achieve results by cutting back on some foods.

    Let us know how you get on!
  5. catexx

    catexx Full Member

    Hi i went to see my GP who advised low carb.....i am going to give Atkins a go with G.P.s blessing. I am waiting for blood tests to come back, and hopefully if i get the ok i will start a week today x i have also picked up a prescription for metformin!! love a supportive gp they make all the difference xx
  6. xTami

    xTami Member

    I agree, unfortunately other than "lose weight" my gp hasn't been very helpful, luckily I'm a great googler and found a lot of great information online!
  7. MrsRogers

    MrsRogers Member

    Just come back from FS and told to go back in 4 months when lost weight :( Any advice? Feel so disheartened
  8. Thesnowclears

    Thesnowclears Member

    i am also doing cambridge, started 4 days ago on SS+ i am hoping weight loss will make PCOS go into hiding!! xx
  9. Abbi098

    Abbi098 New Member

    I only just recently learned having a low carb diet will help me lose weight as i have pcos as i didnt realise how many carbs i do eat but i was wanting to do meal replacement shakes but also found out im lactose intolerant, not ideal for me to lose weight was wondering if any ladies can recommend any diets to try?
  10. LizB

    LizB Full Member

    I'm on slimming world. I didn't feel that a very low calorie diet would be suitable for me at work and also with slimming world I feel I'm making changes to my lifestyle. Not that everyone else isn't but I felt slimming world would help me achieve this.

    Liz x

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  11. xMariex

    xMariex Silver Member

    I have PCOS and low carb/Gi type diets did nothing for me. But I am also a thyroid cancer patient so that maybe affects it.
    So what works for me?
    Eating sensible but low calorie meals. I don't even look at the carb intake but I am sensible with it. So if I am having pasta I go for wholemeal rather than white. Carbs are essential for performance and recovery if your exercising. This is what works for me eating what I want but keeping it under a certain level. Good luck!

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