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  1. Cazuk1976

    Cazuk1976 Full Member

    I've been on this diet for 8 weeks now, and my chemist said i have peaked and my losses will probably remain low until I have my break in dec, but I still have so much to lose that it's making it harder to stay motivated. I wondered if anyone knew of some way to go back to bigger losses. I'm only getting 3lb a week losses, which I could get on a different diet, but i don't want to stop this one, because I know it works. I was thinking of having a week off (re-feed food) or a day or just one meal to try and kick start the losses again. I am still obese so i don't know why i peaked so quickly. I'm going to weigh in as per normal on tuesday and ask my chemist, but i wondered if anyone knew of an idea that might help? thanks
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  3. Cookeh

    Cookeh Recovering Cookie Addict

    I can't really answer your question but I'd say play it by ear. 3lbs a week still results in almost a stone a month which is pretty much on target with what LT say you can expect to lose on the plan.

    If you think you can take a break and get right back to it without a hitch then do what you feel is right for you, but if you think having food might cause you to waiver then I'd be inclined to stick it out on the shakes. It's for this reason alone that I personally am forgoing Christmas dinner, as I do not trust myself to be able to get back on track after all the delicious food.

    If you are in doubt you could always ring LT directly and get the info from them. Oh, and as for other diets, you'd probably be averaging about 1-2lbs a week loss by *eating* so you are still a pound a week ahead of the game ~.^
  4. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Em i tink your pharmacist could have possibly been wrong????? How long have you only been getting 3lbs a week for?? you know the average is 3-4lbs a week???? I understand that because your still in the obese category that you wud expect bigger weight losses every week but maybe your just having a slow few weeks and it will pick back up??? wat diet allows you to lose 3lbs every week??????

    Now i know im in the healthy category now and thats why my losses are so low but i totally understand were your coming from about the only 3lbs wen we are eating nothing but i guess you also need to take into consideration the other aspects of this diet have you learnt anything bout yourself and your habits while doin it??? has your experience with other diets been better than your experience on lipotrim???

    I too was thinking about refeeding for a week then coming back on but its only a few weeks til christmas so is there really any point??? I read today that wen you are losing weight for a while you automatically hit a plateau in which losing weight becomes more difficult now i dont know if this is true but i also was told that not eating enough can slow down the metabolism so a way to get it moving is to do 15 mins brisk walking everyday to increase your metabolism. Im gonna try do exercises (light ones) everyday and see if it makes any difference. Its a total experiment coz everyone on here seems to tink you dont need to exercise.

    Thats all ive read so far if i find any more info ill let you know! Hope my babbling helped haha!
  5. trixiefoofoo

    trixiefoofoo Full Member

    Same as Cookeh I'm afraid, don't really know what to suggest but 3lb EVERY week is incredible, as whilst I know I could get that every few weeks on WW or SW, I know I didn't get them every week - it'd be 1lb, 1.5lb, 3lb and up and down each week.
    I think 3lb every single week is great and a reasonable loss, that means your skin isn't playing catch up either -and a st a month is pretty damn good!!

    Know it's easy to say when it's not happening to us.
    Good luck on the rest of your journey x
  6. Cazuk1976

    Cazuk1976 Full Member

    Thanks for your input cookeh, i know on other diets it tends to be 1-2lbs a week and i am losing more than that, i shouldn't complain, its just i have so much to lose, and it feels like its taking ages, I know i'm not going to meet my targets with these loses. I know the body is only going to lose what the body is going to lose, i can't change that, i just wondered if anyone found that eating a meal or for a day helped to increase higher losses. If nobody has ever found this is a good way, then I will def stay with the shakes, I can just see my losses getting smaller and smaller each week, and i'm finding it hard to stay motivated with this. I def won't do anything without speaking to my chemist first (he is my guardian angel right now!) but i just wondered if anyone could give me their experiences of this.
  7. Cookeh

    Cookeh Recovering Cookie Addict

    I have to agree with Ann Marie too, I've read that also and am going to start incorporating gentle exercise into my routine (since at the moment I do nothing, i rarely ever leave the house never mind do a workout).

    Regarding the eating, the only thing I can see happening is your body replenishing its glycogen stores along with a load of water, resulting in a gain or a stay the same that week, and the following week you'd lose that excess weight and your normal 3lbs, so it seems like a pointless exercise. However, this is only supposition and maybe someone who has actually tried it can lend some input.

    Good luck and stick with it! We're all here for you :)

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